Reception at Allentown Brew Works??

I am looking at having our reception (and possibly our ceremony) at the Allentown Brew Works.  I know whenever I mention it to people they give me a look like why would you want to do that??  But my fiance and I really enjoy good beer and he brews his own, so I thought it would be a good fit to express our interests.  Does anyone have any experience with banquets or receptions at the A-town Brew Works??  Anything will help!!

Re: Reception at Allentown Brew Works??

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    I looked into them as well (we are also super big into our beers) but my husband vetoed a Bethlehem/Allentown wedding because he wanted more of a destination for his family since they are from really far away.  (we did Lake Wallenpaupak so they could vacation for the week there)  I went to a rehearsal dinner at the Bethlehem Brew works (same company) and it was really really good.  Sorry this wasn't too helpful.
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    We were split between choosing ABW and the Loft at Sweet Water, in Pennsburg, near Quakertown.  We went with the Loft because it had more of a wedding feel as to a big party feel.  But we really loved ABW.  If you love it, I would go for it.  I think a wedding there would be beautiful and a lot of fun!
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