Edmonton Reception venue open bar

I just started booking appointments with reception venues.
Do they all offer price per person for open bar?

I keep finding that on the posts but all the places I've looked at online only have host bars as price per drink.

I have appointments with the Fairmont, Union Bank Inn, Art Gallery of Alberta, Trans Alta Bar, Winspear, Oasis and Westin. Anyone have experience with any of these places?? Any info would be great! Thanks!

Re: Edmonton Reception venue open bar

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    Most places in Edmonton just do a price per drink.  You can always ask if they'll give you a set price per person though.

    For open bars, most places guesstimate 1 drink/per person/per hour when they pre-charge your catering bill, so if you're looking for a reference point, you can go from there.
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    That's helpful! Thank you!!
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    no, that's an american thing. Places would lose too much money by doing this or it would cost you more than it's worth since some people drink 1-2 drinks or 10-12 drinks.
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