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Who are you using for photography and videography and what is your budget?

My finace is trying to keep track of our budget with the knot calculator and I can't seem to find anyone that falls into the price range the knot has set out for me! Any suggestions would be very helpful!

All the ones I have fallen in love with are more then double (one of them triple) my knot budget! Eek!

Re: Photographer - Videographer

  • We are having Just For You Photography as our photographer, and not having a videographer. They are expensive, but they are absolutely fabulous. I love our engagement pictures and cannot wait for the wedding and to see wedding pictures.

    The package we got is $5150 (including $150 for travel from Edmonton to Red Deer). This includes:

    90 minutes pre-ceremony (getting ready)
    Family/Bridal Party/Couple photos
    Reception up until the first few dances
    Engagement session

    DVD with all engagement photos (we got 156 photos back edited from 40 minutes)
    DVD with all wedding photos (approx 100 per hour, all edited)

    I agree that photography is expensive, but I look at it this way: after the wedding day what do you have left? Your memories, and your photos. I want to love them.
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  • I am not sure where you are located, however my photographer is under $3,000.00 and I am getting pre-wedding pictures (getting ready), ceremony and reception.  Plus, a digital photo album, 2 parents albums, 200 digital enhanced photos, as well as, a cd of all my photos. I am going with K2Photography.  Oh it also included my engagement photos.

    As far as the videogrpher, we found a gentleman who is starting up again, he had done wedding videos for years, however lost everything and is starting fresh.  We are paying him $750.00


  • Hi sherry.. I know you posted a while ago, but who was the videographer you used? how did your video turn out??


  • I love their work: 

    They start at $2000 a package!
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