Rehearsal dinner ideas in Petoskey?

Looking for some ideas for reasonably priced rehearsal dinners in Petoskey. We are planning for ~60 people. Our top idea so far is to do a big BBQ at East Park.  Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Rehearsal dinner ideas in Petoskey?

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    Are you looking for a restaurant setting, or just looking for a space, like East Park? What time of year are you looking at?

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    We would be ok with an informal restaurant.  We have way too many people to hold something formal.  It would be too much like a prequel wedding.  

    The rehearsal will be on October 5th.
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    Julienne Tomatoes does amazing catering, they did our wedding.

    Definitely go for a catered something, because even La Senorita might not be big enough for your group.

    Or check out the bowling alley on 119, you could do a fun night there. I think it's called Northern Lights.

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    Or you could see if Petoskey State Park campground is still open -- you could get a bunch of sites next to each other and throw a big (cheap) party - use your money for a caterer, and it could be really neat.

    There's also the Star of Keewenaw -- you could do a really cool sunset cruise from the Petoskey marina for your rehearsal dinner. http://www.keweenawexcursions.com/ Not sure on the cost of that, though.
  • We went hunting around for places to have a day-after BBQ while we were up for Christmas, and there's a pavilion right by the new river walk along the Bear River in Petoskey that's really neat -- it's right on the river, and it also has a lawn for games or just general milling about, and it's also right next to the (new and nice!) bathrooms. You'd probably have to call the city to reserve it, but it's really neat and only about a year old.

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