Just throwing it out there!

Hi, this is my first post on the Knot!
My fiance and I live in Kansas (north of Wichita) but we're getting married at the top of the Arch on July 11th. We're not expecting more than 10-20 guests - and really the fewer the better as far as we're concerned! We are very budget-conscious.
Our officiant and hotel are both booked.
Here are things I could use help with:
* either a restaurant that offers catering (something not too expensive) OR a nice place to hold a dinner.
* a  student or new photographer - our ceremony will be 20 minutes long max and we don't need a TON of pictures, but we would like a few.
* a bakery that makes good cupcakes that won't cost a fortune.

I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this!
7.11.13 at the top of the Gateway Arch!

Re: Just throwing it out there!

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