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Wedding Favors - to have or not to have?

My wedding is going to be bigger than I had ever imagined and I was wondering what the consesus was about the favors.  Don't most end up in the junk drawer?  Not sure...  I would rather spend it on something else.

Would love to hear your suggestions.  Also, is it per person or per couples?!?!?


Re: Wedding Favors - to have or not to have?

  • SheliaPierceSheliaPierce
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    If you dont want to do favors, I have two suggestions for you that may just peak your interest that's more personalized and more likely to be kept:

    1) Wine Glass Engraver.  Stationed at the reception (opening just after the ceremony) for guests to visit - the engraver has an etch pen and carves whatever is requested on a wine glass (quality) for each guest. Two sides or just one. It's personalized, unique and fun!  I attended an event on a harbor cruise and loved this idea. I use my wine glass all the time. Here is a contact for you: 

    Signature Hand Engraving * 760-730-1456 -

    2) Photobooth:  A portable photobooth stationed at the reception (opening
    just after the ceremony) for guests to mingle into the booth and have their
    picture taken as a momento to take with them and remember. I did it at my
    roommate's wedding and at a recent networking party and it was a blast. Here is a recommendation:

    San Diego Photo Booth Rental
    Package 1: $700
    Unlimited photos up to 3 hours
    Double prints
    Custom logo / text
    Prop Box
    Password protected online gallery

    Hope these ideas are worth exploring!

    Good Luck!

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    We bought favor boxes at Michael's and assembled the boxes, I'm putting 2 Ghirideli (sp?) Chocolate squares in each... what FI gave me on our first date. Then I'm using a simple ribbon around the box, with a simple little flower on top (small fabric flower pulled off of a $1 bunch of flowers from Michael's) with a little half round pearl (stick-on) on top.

    The decorations (minus the chocolates) cost less than a $1 per favor and with the chocolates will end up being less than $2 a person, colorful, and very personal :-)

  • LauraChristinLauraChristin
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    We skipped favors. I end up junk-drawering them. I say use the money elsewhere.
  • wendysandiegowendysandiego
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    We gave the money we would have spent on favors to a charity, and put little signs on all that tables that in leiu of favors, a donation was made on behalf of our guests to that charity.

    Don't do anything that they can't eat--anything else ends up in a junk drawer. 
  • We did a photobooth...which was a big hit. I'm sure guests would pick that over some favors. If you are looking to do "old school" favors, I suggest doing something edible.

    Here is the photobooth company we used (and their rating on WW). I HIGHLY recommend them. They were absolutely fabulous and the best price I could find for the quality the delivered.

  • I agree with breleficent. My FI and I are doing a photobooth as well. Not only do you guests get to keep one as a favor, but most photobooth companies offer 2 strips (of course one for the guests), and one is put in a guestbook for you and your groom to keep, and the guests sign the book. Besides, who doesn't love an unlimited amout of photos?
  • I love both the Photobooth idea and the giving to charity idea. I can't even remember the favors I've gotten at most weddings. There is only one actullay- I went to a super expensive wedding and they gave us this awesome china candy dish. But clearly the normal person cannot do that. Photobooth are fun for both you and the guests!

    I went to another wedding where the brides sister had baked these amazing cupcakes for everyone as a favor and they just put them in clear plastic cupcake boxes.

    P.S. I ended up throwing out the candy dish after a year so I guess i didn't think it was that cool :)
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