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Location for Rehearsal Dinner?

We are getting married in Fallbrook in August and are looking for a nice place for the rehearsal dinner Friday night.  There will be about 35 people.  We are willing to drive about 30 minutes (so Temecula/Escondido/etc are ok too).  We contacted a few wineries but so far it would be considered a "special event" and we can't just go to the restaurant, which makes it considerably more expensive!! Thanks in advance!

(I posted on the Inland Empire board too)
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Re: Location for Rehearsal Dinner?

  • Have you tried looking through some of the older threads on this board? I've actually found some great ideas/recommendations by browsing through the old stuff. There are tons of postings by brides looking for rehearsal dinner suggestions. 

    If you are willing to drive to Escondido, how about Stone Brewery? They may consider your group a "special event" but I've heard nothing but good things about their food and the atmosphere (and the beer is great too!) 

    FI and I had lunch at Mama Colletti's in Temecula recently while we were up there checking out wineries as potential venues. It's Chicago-style Italian and very delicious. Best garlic bread I've ever had in my life! Since they are more of a mom-and-pop place they may not tag you with the "special event" label. I noticed that they have a private dining room off to the side.
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  • Thanks for the ideas!  I'll look into all of that :)
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  • If you like Mexican Food you might want to look into Hacienda De Vega in Escondido.
    The food is delicious and they have a beautiful courtyard for dining outside.
  • Hacienda de Vega was just recommended by a friend of mine as well!  We're definitely looking into it, thanks!
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  • I was going to say Hacienda de Vega as well! It's FABULOUS!
  • Went to Hacienda de Vega for lunch yesterday and booked it!  Thanks for the tips, it's the perfect place!
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