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Heavy appetizers reception???

  I need some opinions on a heavy appetizers/cocktail reception rather than a sit down or buffet meal.  My ceremony is at 1:00 and reception is shortly after so based on the time of day I'm pretty sure it would be appropriate.  For types of food we wanted to do a sort of fair food theme, for example mini sliders, fries in cone cups, anything on a stick, churros, shaved ice etc.  What do you think?

Thanks, Alia
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Re: Heavy appetizers reception???

  • I think that would be appropriate... sounds delicious! 
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  • I had heavy apps at my wedding and everyone loved it. It is more traditional then it used to be. I have also worked with crown point catering and they are pros in that department.
  • Alia,
    Heavy apps for a reception is fine. Keep in mind that guests may be hungry around 1pm because its lunchtime. If you do heavy apps, it offers variety and a touch of a finger. Just remember, guests will try to "fill up" on apps (and drink) - so make sure that you consider how many apps per person you provide.

    I did heavy apps at my afternoon reception when I got married, but we also offered a light salad for those who were vegetarian. And then we hosted a bar (with limited drink selection) and iced tea.

    Good luck!
  • I attended a noon wedding with a heavy apps and cocktail reception. The food was amazing. The Flavor Chef catered. I got his card, I was so impressed. Sadly, outside vendors are not allowed at my venue.

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