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XP~ Shoot me...I tried another dress.

So I put a small deposit on my dress on Monday. Very small, it's a number that I'd be comfortable sacrificing if I found a dress that was more perfect. Today while I was looking around online (not even at dresses), I came across the wedding pictures of Deanna Pappas (a bachelorette) and I loved her dress. The article that I was reading said that it was Alfred Angelo style 201. I wanted to try it on to either get it out of my head, or trump the other dress. 

Now, I'm so confused. I love them both and can't figure out which I'm leaning towards more. They are both really beautiful dresses, it's so hard to decide which I like better on me! I'm going to sleep on it and give it a couple of days before making any decision, but I want to hear what you guys have to say! Be honest, even if that means brutal! :o)

Here are pictures of the dress I chose:

The new dress without the crinoline (I think it looks better without it)

Re: XP~ Shoot me...I tried another dress.

  • SheliaPierceSheliaPierce member
    edited December 2011
    No one can make that decision but you...and its a hard one to make. But I do tell you that you should go with your "gut"...And if you just can't decide (and money isnt a factor) you can buy both - wear one at the ceremony and the other at the reception (OR perhaps rent the second one from a wedding vendor vs buying it outright)..

    either way...Good luck!

  • edited December 2011

    you look fabulous in both!!  BUT...I prefer the first one a little more :) But I agree with PP that you should go with your gut! 

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  • AllyG303AllyG303 member
    Eighth Anniversary 1000 Comments Combo Breaker
    edited December 2011
    I also prefer the first one. 
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  • wcasarwcasar member
    Fifth Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited December 2011
    I like the first one. It's cool how it's diagonal at the bottom and I like the lace. Both look great on you!

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  • my fiance was describing how he decided on my ring- he had it down to 2, and flipped a coin. while the coin was in the air, he realized he was hoping it would land one way vs. the other. that's the only way he knew which he wanted more :)
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