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DJ or no DJ??? (small 35 guest vineyard wedding)

Hi ladies!

I am planning a destination wedding at a vineyard in Temecula. Our group will be small (around 35 guests) with the ceremony on site @5pm, followed by cocktail hour, and plated dinner. The vineyards are required to end events by 10pm.

Thoughts on whether or not to have a DJ at the reception given a small number of guests and the early end time??

I realize we can do whatever we feel like, but I see the potential for an empty dance floor.....or lack of fun/entertainment without one.

Thanks for the input!!

Re: DJ or no DJ??? (small 35 guest vineyard wedding)

  • I was going to try and save a few $$$ and do an ipod at our wedding. I talked to my venue and asked if they had any others that did that. Her response was, "Oh yeah! We just had one the other day." I then asked, "Soooo, how did it go?" She said, "Honestly, it worked out but it just didn't flow like a DJ." I decided to just get a DJ at that point. Even with your small number, I say get one. They know how to keep people moving and on the dance floor.

  • I would go with a small band. There are some really good local bands that play at restaurants that cater to about that many people and they always seem to draw in the crowd. Let me know if you want more info and I can give yousome names. Good luck!
  • Yes! FuturePono, I would like information on local bands that might work for our event. 

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