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January 2011 Weddings


I just wanted to say that I read the poll blog and I am shocked at everything you girls already have done. I have started looking and thats it. The venue I am looking at said they don't book till one year out and that is 6 months away. I feel like I can't really do anything till we book the venue to make sure dates are still aviable for all the other things. Way to be on the ball. It scares me that we are too far behind. I would love to see more people posting on this board to bounce ideas off of each other.
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Re: Shocked!!

  • I've looked for dresses...but that's just because I can :) haha So don't feel behind. We've started looking at venues and we've picked our colors and wedding party, but thats basically it.
  • You're definitely not behind. I have started looking around and have my colors, but nothing is booked yet, mostly because I haven't discussed the budget with those who are contributing yet. It is very hard to book things with little-to-no money!
  • Ya, like everyone else has said don't feel bad you are not behind and dont't stress yourself BEFORE you need to lol. The only reason my Fiance and I have started this early is because the venue we want is popular and we have to start early. Also when you are paying for everything your self it takes time. I am also doing a lot of the projects my self, like the invitations and programs
  • I haven't done a thing yet! Besides change my wedding colors twice! My mom said we are going to start planning in Feb, which is about a year out, and hopefully by that time I will have enough saved up to start putting deposits down. I really don't know what to do first! You're not alone!
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