January 2011 Weddings

Getting so excited already!

We are getting married Jan 15, 2011. We have already booked the church and just today recieved all the info for the reception venue!
Since we will likely being paying for most of this ourselves I am trying to nail down as many ideas as early as I can!
I'm loving this website, I have already found so many great DIY ideas that will help us to have an absolutely beautiful Winter Wonderland Wedding!
Leaving with the MOH soon to go check out the craft store deals on winter items!

Re: Getting so excited already!

  • I'm getting so excited too!! I am really trying to keep costs down and would love to make anything I can myself. I'd love to hear what you end up deciding to make!
  • Well Wink so far...
    For the favors I (along with a lot of volunteers) are going to make snowflake sugar cookies, frosted and decorated. We are going to put them in bags with a note attached along the lines of "our love is as unique as a snowflake"

    For our Save the Dates we are sending out bookmarks with the date and information that say "You're Booked"

    For the centerpieces I am taking glass blocks and putting various winter pictures (of us as kids all the way up to present) on the back and then slightly filling them with silver filling balls and lights!

    I've been thinking A LOT Laughing
  • everyones ideas sound so cute!

    I'm also thinking about doing some DIY stuff and so far I've created our table names (igloo, snowflake, icicle, sweater, etc) and our programs. 

    Our save the dates show a picture of us in the snow and the text reads, "bundle up on january 15, 2011 for the winter wedding of..."

    I'm all up for ideas so please share!
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  • I love the bookmark idea! as well as naming the tables--I'd never thought of that! According to all the books I look at, I'm ahead of the game but you ladies make me feel behind!! ;-)
    My computer crashed this weekend so I lost quite a bit...The one that is driving me CRAZY right now is the a bridesmaid dress I had bookmarked that I CAN'T find now!

    I did find these adorable favors that I think I might go with--cute and cheap! I love the cookie idea but knowing how UN-crafty I am, they would be a disaster.

    The website seems a little sketchy but it was recommended in Bridal Bargains so I imagine they'd be credible?
  • Jodi- do you happen to have a link for that top 10 list?? I feel like i am so awful at navigating this site!
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