What are you getting your Fi's for christmas?

Just wanted to see what you all are getting for the man that you love...

Re: What are you getting your Fi's for christmas?

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    We decided not to spend a lot this year. I got one of our engagement pictures made into a puzzle. We love doing puzzles, and when we're done we can frame it and hang it just like one of our engagement pics. It's a win win!
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  • mollyfayemollyfaye
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    I usually go berserk buying for him at Christmas but we decided to scale back this year with the wedding to pay for. I got him 2 shirts, an Xbox game, a movie, a CD, a few giftcards to places he eats lunch at near his job, and some candy and gum to fill his stocking. FI's bday is also 2 days after xmas (horrible right?!) and I got him an iPod nano for that.

    I'm also trying to find the butane lighter that was his grandfather's (engraved with the name of the family business he owned) to that I can have it refilled and polished for him so he can carry it with him instead of it being stored away all of the time.
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    A watch. I was planning on getting him one for the wedding, but then found one at Nordstrom Rack for a really great price, and jumped on the deal. But we also have cut back Christmas for the wedding. 
  • onlymelsonlymels
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    A pair of steel toed shoes that he said he wants. (And needs) Also he kinda got his own xmas gift a Ps3. So I might get him a late xmas gift and get him a game when I have some money. We have 3 kids so ALOT of our cash went to getting gifts for them.
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    This year I was in a festive spirit, so I decided to give my Fiance 12 gifts leading up to Christmas Eve each with a note saying "On the ____ day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."  Most of the gifts were small (chapstick, a new air freshner for his car, almonds, etc.)  And then I'll give him his real gift on Christmas Eve like normal (a PS3 controller & blue tooth headset).

  • clearheavensclearheavens
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    This year we went back to school full-time so we're getting each other gifts under $10.  Mine gift for him is a sweater.
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    I bought him a basketball game to go in the basement.  You know, the kind that have 2 hoops and you play against another person to see who can score the most baskets in a certain amount of time?  I'm so excited to set it up!
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