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March 2011 Weddings

uuugh Cake rant

Ok so my life long friend, I've known her 23 years, is making my Wedding cake.
I have been under the understanding that this was to be my wedding gift, though I have always intended on paying her SOMETHING, actually I had planned on getting her a $100 gift card or something, thinking she probably would refuse cash.
Well I get an email from her today telling me that if I want the cake to be my wedding gift she'll only charge me the price of the cake ($150) and that woul dbe my only gift, if i want another gift from her she would charge me the full amt

Ok i have no problem paying her, ofcourse $400 is not in the budget since I've planned on nowhere near that before. I have no problem with her asking for payment. I DO however wish she'd brought this up before NOW, say 6 months ago when she first offered up her services, and lead me to believe it was my gift to begin with....

bleh...I dont have the $400 so I guess I'll tell her to make it be my gift and pay her the 150....
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