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Wedding (ring) band clip?

So, I don't want to solder my wedding band and e-ring.  Are you ladies using any type of widget (yes I said widget) to clamp/hold your rings together.  Besides going to a jeweler, do you recommend any places/websites that I can just buy "said widget".

EDIT:  Issue also came in that FI & Best Man (the jeweler) created my ring in a size 6.5 when it should have been the most a 5.5 ( I think BM didn't read his hand writing correctly ha) but anyway if I get the ring sized again, he said I would probably need ball inserts, which I don't want to have prior to the wedding because I don't want the balls *giggle* showing up in pics.  My wedding band is a perfect fit, but the e-ring is slightly loose so its constantly spinning

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