Cinci/NKY Outdoor Wedding venue

My fiance and I decided to have an outdoor tented wedding and are looking for a place in Cincinnati or Northern KY to have it at. Either a place that already has tent's they use to set up or just land we can then rent a tent for. 

Know any places? A wide variety of options would help most! Thanks!

Re: Cinci/NKY Outdoor Wedding venue

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    Aston Oaks does outdoor weddings.  They have a gazebo and can set up tents for cocktail hour.  The actual reception would probably be held inside their banquet room, however... so I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but their food/beverage packages are quite affordable.
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    Try Ault Park. It is breathtaking... you can set up tents there. It was one of our top contendors for venue, but I didn't want to worry about weather interferring.  Sometimes if you go up on a weekend, they will have tents set up from a wedding the day before and you can get a good idea.

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    I honestly think I have researched every single possible outdoor venue in Northern KY, Cincinnati, and all surrounding areas... soooo do you want to hire your own caterer/ provide your own alcohol or is that not an issue? Approx how many guests are you thinking? That will help narrow it down but what I found was...

    Ault Park: 2,000 to rent it but they dont tell you the actual price for next year yet so it could go up and I have heard that it is really difficult to communicate with the people who run it- there was actually an entire thread dedicated specifically to their lack of availability... also they require you rent EVERYTHING from them so for instance if you have 200 guests, youll need 400 chairs to set up the ceremony and reception and each chair is 2.50 then they charge you like a dollar or something for combined setting up and taking down, which winds up adding up pretty quickly and it is the same way with the tables. Also, you get the location starting at 4 pm so everything is super rushed.... this is the same with all Cinci parks basically.

    The Inn at Oneonta is what we are using... it is 10,000 to rent but you get it for the entire weekend starting at noon on Friday to noon on Sunday. They have tents set up, 2 houses, gazebos, nice restrooms, a stage, a place on the water to get married, and a chapel. It is 26 acres of perfect landscaping and absolutely gorgeous, and they have chairs, tables, etc. and you can also use the back patio and tables, chairs, flatware, dishes, etc. for the rehearsal dinner. You are also allowed to pick your own caterer and alcohol provider. 

    If you give me any specifics that you want I will look at my binder and I can give you information on most places (Ive talked to people everywhere!) but I dont have it with me right now
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    Thanks for all the leads i'll start looking into them!

    But more specifically we want something on a may 12th it's a saturday and in the afternoon actually cause we don't want a late reception. We're prob going to have somewhere between 250-300 guests. We don't have specifics for catering but if the place doesn't require their catering then we're gong to use my fiance's uncle to cater it since he's a chef and we don't drink so we don't need to worry an about alcohol vender. we don't have to have the ceremony there since we've decided we may just go with the church we go to for it, but haven't really made any official decision. 

    thanks again!! 
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    Look into Krippendorf Lodge it is beautiful!
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