June 2011 Weddings

What have you done so far?

Obviously, we have a lot of time to go before our weddings, but I was just wondering if anyone has planned anything yet?I haven't really planned anything yet, but I have just been doing research. I have a whole folder of "favorites" of websites for vendors. I have a pretty good idea of where I want our reception to be, and who I want as a photographer, but I haven't actually contacted anyone yet. My plan is this winter to meet with vendors and book all the big stuff (church, recpetion, photog, DJ, etc). Also...does anyone know if vendors will give you a discount for booking early. I'm sure it depends on the vendor, but I have heard of people getting 2009 prices, for a 2011 wedding if they booked in 2009, for example.

Re: What have you done so far?

  • i have been looking at a lot of magazines and online stuff but keep it to myself becasue everyone makes fun of me telling me that it is too early. I am glas to see other fellow June 2011 looking as well.
  • msraoul...don't hide it to yourself share with us!!! Simply so I don't feel so alone on this constant online search of flowers, gowns and favors!
    169 image 59 image 8 image 102 image ** RSVP Date: May 28th **
  • well I dont have any problem with that>>>i have been looking into reception hall so I can lock in a good price....
  • I have an idea of all the venues we are going to look at. We just started looking at them this week. Prob going to choose one in November. I have an idea for photographer and dj.
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