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Okay I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me make my honeymoon desision. We have are getting married next month and are planning on leaving for our honeymoon the following Monday and are going to be gone for 9 nights. We have narrowed down our choices to Sandals Antigua or Peter Island Resort in the BVI. The both look awesome but I don't know which one will be the most fun for 9 day. I am a little scared I will get bored being there so long but I know what ever we do Fi will be happy. Opinions would be great :)

Re: Sandals Antigua or BVI

  • I don't know anything about Peter Island, but I just got back last week from Sandals in St. Lucia..and I LOVE Sandals. We are planning on doing a 1 year in Antigua! I was not bored for 1 second. It was so romantic and I loved our room and the staff. Like I said, I don't know anything about Peter Island but in my HM review gave a total A+ to my TA, Jennifer at VIP Vacations. I would totally email or call them and see what they suggest, I mean they are free so I would totally get their vibe on things.
  • We are planning our hm at sandals Antigua. We've never been but it looks amazing! I can't tell you anything from experience, but if you decide to go let me know! ( we aren't going til January)
  • I have no advice for you since I have not been to either but my FI and I leave for our honeymoon to Sandals in Antigua in less than 2 months!  I am very excited.  I did tons of research, read years of reviews, talked to travel agents and I am confident in our choice to Antigua!If you havent, check out www.tripadvisor.comthey have reviews for anywhere and everywhere!
  • We went to the BVI and LOVED it! We went to Virgin Gorda and stayed at Biras Creek and Mango Bay. It's gorgeous and really secluded/private. There are plenty of day trips but we loved just relaxing. We were usually the only people on the beach. Not much nightlife though
  • We went to Sandals Antigua last September for our 2 year anniversary and we are headed back at the end of the month!  The place is AMAZING! It was very romantic and we had a ton of fun things to do!We booked our trip with Nancy at MyIslandGetaways and she gave a list of all sorts of fun excursions to do on the island and also a brochure of things to do within the resort.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures!HTH!Dana :)http://www.flickr.com/photos/danaduncan/sets/72157608537032492/
  • We went to Peter Island for our honeymoon a few years ago.  I highly recommend it!  It's gorgeous there.  We loved the Virgin Islands so much that we went back the next year (but to check out different islands/resorts).  If you have 9 nights, that might be a long time to just stay on Peter Island as it's a private island.  The beach is gorgeous, there is good snorkeling and they do offer day trips to other islands though.  It is very easy to ferry between the islands.  What we did on our honeymoon was split our time between Peter Island (4 nights) and St. John (5 nights) and that was perfect for us.  St. John is my favorite overall Caribbean island.  On our second trip we split our time between Virgin Gorda and St. John. I'd highly recommend that you look into Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda- it amazing, I think I liked it ever so slightly more than Peter Island.  And also Caneel Bay on St. John.  I have only visited that resort, but we are going back again and staying there in November for a quick trip. I have visited Antigua and honestly, I wasn't that impressed (but it was on a cruise where we toured the island by both land and water, so I'm sure I missed out on a lot).  I haven't stayed at the Sandals there, but I have stayed at one on St. Lucia.  I think you'll have a more authentic experience at Peter Island, Sandals was just not as nice, and I loved the smallish resort feel at Peter Island.
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