Bora Bora vs. Fiji? And, any recs?

Thanks for the help the other day with Italy vs. Fiji. We've decided to definitely go for the more relaxing beach HM but now the big question is Bora Bora vs. Fiji. HELP!! We have a budget of about 15k and would like to have 10 nights there (not including travel time), an overwater bure for at least half the time, and have a strong preference for really luxurious/5 star resorts. TIA!

Re: Bora Bora vs. Fiji? And, any recs?

  • Hi! We went to moorea, bora bora and tahaa on our honeymoon. Stayed overwater in bora bora and tahaa, it was wonderful! bora bora is so beautiful! Tahaa is really quiet and romantic and the beach at the tahaa private island resort is gorgeous. We went to the St Regis in bora bora to eat dinner and the resort was really five star ambience. We stayed at the bora bora nui and the snorkeling there was great. We have been to Fiji previously and i can say that tahiti seems more refined resort wise. there is only one overwater bungalow place in fiji, didn't stay there. We are divers so we enjoyed the north of fiji where the straits are and it's really exotic. we used a great travel agent who is a south pacific specialist. lisa jones at santa barbara travel american express. ljones@sbtravel.com good luck deciding, either place is heavenly! cheers!
  • Hey Chicagoan! :) Well, I've been talking to Caroline@EasyEscapesTravel.com but I haven't booked with her yet. She's a nestie and a TA- she specializes in FP. I thought we were going to go to Bora Bora when we first started, but she's been super helpful with Fiji as well. If you're not totally satisfied with windycity, you should shoot her an email. She's really quick to respond and I'm pretty sure she can meet/beat any quote you might have. Lisa Corso with South Seas Adventures quoted me for FP and she was able to stretch our budget for the Four Seasons and the Hilton. I am so confused about what to do. What month are you traveling? Our problem is our time constraints. We have to travel late June or July because of my summer vacation. One of the downfalls of being a teacher - always higher travel costs!
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  • GIRLINCHICAGO-We actually just put down our deposit with windycitytravel today!!! We checked with a ton of TA, and she was the nicest, most consistent and best priced! We are going May 31-June 10th, I think are the dates. Which is right after the wedding. IMO Bora Bora TOTALLY beats out FIJI on every level. But, Im sure either or is going to be fabulous!! I have a ton of info on Bora and Moorea too, if you have any ???:)
  • We had a similar budget, and were also deciding between Fiji and Bora Bora. We ended up choosing Fiji, because for what we wanted (scenery, luxury, relaxation, snorkeling, a few excursions like hiking, horse back riding etc) we got the most for our money. In the end we upped our budget a bit but will be there for 11 days, almost half in an overwater bure at Likuliku and the other part at Taveuni Palms which is definitely a luxurious resort. I know Bora Bora is fabulous as well, but I think it just depends on what you really want out of your honeymoon and what you expect to get for your money.We priced everything out with a few travel agents and in the end went with Lori from McCoy Travel. She was highly knowledgeable, had been to all of the resorts we discussed personally, didn't push anything, and got us some awesome extras for free.
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