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September colors?!

Help!! I dont know where to begin!! I dont even have a color scheme picked out

any suggestions for pretty September colors?

Thanks girls <3

Re: September colors?!

  • what colors do you like??

    month and colors don't have to coordinate it's your vision

    for example we decided on fuschia and orange - since we chose sept i put it out there - (personally for me) i didn't want to go traditional fall (northern WI you get to thinking fall) so no fallish things for me and i am playing with color.
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  • I am doing silver and sapphire blue. Our wedding will be outdoors at dusk, so those colors seemed pretty to me.
  • This has been discussed on the board before- september can really be summer or fall but general consensus is choose whatever colors make you happy. I was originally going to do red and black but, well, black just seems a little funeral for a wedding IMHO. I am doing a deep red (think cabernet), cream and gold accents. Generally, pick your favorite color and then choose accents (there is a color wheel on Also, think about the color of your venue. If you have a venue that is all yellow and pink, then choose colors that will complement.

    Okay, after writing that I realize that I so do not know how to explain color schemes and this really should be left to the more girly people on the board.
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  • I had the hardest time picking out colors too :)  I feel your pain and anguish :)

    I cant offer any advice but to say... i really like the color sage green.  It appeals to me.  So thats why I ended up choosing it!  September really borders between summer and fall, so I think you are good with any color you choose!  Good luck!
  • I was stuck between fall or summer colours but decided to go summery in the end. We are having celadon green, ivory and pale plae pink... I just like the idea of the light and romantic feel.

    Like other brides have said, go with whatever you like, its your day!!!

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  • I chose colors I knew we both liked, I didn't even think about the time of year.  Unless you LOVE fall colors, just pick what you like.  Mine are brown and light blue.
  • In Response to Re: September colors?!:
    I chose colors I knew we both liked, I didn't even think about the time of year.  Unless you LOVE fall colors, just pick what you like.  Mine are brown and light blue.
    Posted by blueydbabi
    One of the girls on four weddings US that I watched today had the same colors and I have to say they looked so gorgeous! Nice choice Wink
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  • I say go with what you want! I don't think you have to coordinate with the seasons.  I'm doing chocolate, eggplant and raspberry. 

  • I agree with the pp, go with your favorite colors. Go with something that will make you happy. GL
  • SandDDSandDD
    I went with my favorite color -- grey! I am obsessed with it and so that will be what our girls wear.  I accented it with purple because FI wasn't too keen on pink.

    You know what you gravitate towards so go with it!
  • Im doing tiffany blue, silver & white. I actually themed the entire wedding on my ring haha.... but before the ring idea I was going to do yellow, orange & brown. Just some ideas, but choose whatever makes you happy.
  • I wasn't sure but ending up going to David's Bridal and walked around looking at all of the bridesmaid dresses.  Since this is the major color piece, it was a great starting point for me.  I was very drawn to blue.  After this, I started looking to see what colors of bouquets that reached out to me in pictures.  These began our colors.  Hope it helps!
  • I am doing gray with pink/fuschia. I dont think you need to match your colors to any certain month. Do what makes you happy Smile
  • suze68suze68
    Ditto everyone else... choose what makes you happy. That being said, I cheated a bit. I let Fi pick out our colors and then we (meaning me) are designing the wedding around those colors. Our colors are Sapphire blue (he said daark blue) with black and white accents.

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  • I also agree with pp.  Choose what you like.  I looked at the blog Perfect Palette a lot, which is a great resource to see how certain colors will look together, but things around you might have the perfect look.

    I also think that you should try to wrk with your venue.  If it is all gold and deep red, you might want to avoid a pallette of all light colors, but throw in a small accent of the red.

    In the end for me, I couldn't top staring at the cover of the scrapbook I bought last summer.  Our colors are now from that:  olive green, slate blue, plum, fuschia, orange, and latte.  I LOVE color!!

    Good Luck!!

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  • You should also check out this site:

    You can sort by color on the left side, so just pick a color and find some inspiration with it! :)

    We're going with slate blue, sage green, and golden yellow.
  • I'm using my favorite colors...coral orange and turquoise blue. I think they look beautiful together and sort of work for the end of summer/beginning of fall.
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  • I have changed soo many times! In the very begining I was going with deep eggplant with gold or copper accents... then I did a complete 180 and decided I loved navy blue and green apple green, just recently (yesterday!) I changed again (hopefully for the last time) to navy blue and deep, but bright, fushia.


  • Thanks for all the suggestions!  I love purple, so that will probably be my main color and I'm thinking maybe white and light blue accents... well see! I'm sure I'll change my mind abother 30 times!
  • charcol and yellow.  yellow is my fav color but im not going to make all of my bridesmaids wear yellow (tough color to pull off) so their dresses will be charcol and the flowers/accents will all be yellow.
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  • deb84deb84
    I agree start with your favorite color(s).  My favorite color is purple.  FI's favorite color is black.  What compliments those colors? Gold.  (Plus, I am in the minority and own/wear all yellow gold it works.)

    Thus, we ended up with Dark Purple (Grape), Black and Gold as our colors.  We are having our wedding outside by a lake and I am so excited about everything.  County elegance is what I am going for.  We are going to use wheat in our centerpieces and other flowers to tie in the gold and county themes.  :D
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  • My colors are guava and tangerine . . . its pretty awesome.
  • Grape & Sage green.  :)

  • Chocolate brown and burnt orange for me! :)
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