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September 2011 Weddings

hows the weekend going?

Hows everyone's weekend going?
 Mines been going good.. havent really done anything that was wedding related other than look at hairstyles and post them on the website... but tomarrow i have another bridal show.. I am hoping i win some good things again- but i doubt it lol- i had to much goodluck at the first one :) this one rick is going with me along with a bridemaid- mia.. yeah!!!!

so how was your weekend? anything special nwr or wr?
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Re: hows the weekend going?

  • I had to work this morning and it was crazy busy again and it sucked! I am sooooo happy that I only worked a half shift. 

    This afternoon I met with a photographer and FI and I have decided to go with her!!!

    Tomorrow is football and homework.
  • Good so far! I usually work on Saturdays, but I was off today. I ran some errands this AM and got lots accomplished NWR. I had a 50% off coupon for Joann's so I bought a quilting set with a rotary cutter, etc so I can start making my tablerunners so I'm excited about that. Spent the afternoon making my dried grass centerpieces since FI put some shelves up in the garage for me to store them on. Good luck at the bridal show! Tomorrow I hope to work on a few more vases, watch some football, and take turns eating and sleeping! :)
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  • so far good :). All day I thought FI had to work tonight, but apparently someone owed him a shift, so he got all ready for work, left for work, and then about 15 minutes later walked back in the door with flowers for me <3

    Tomorrow I am attempting myf irst turkey ever for thanksgiving, and Monday will be a lazy movie day I think :)
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  • Worked, worked, and I worked a little more.  I just have to keep thinking... "wedding, wedding, wedding" ;)
  • i have been SO lazy so far.  i pretty much did nothing all day aside for some laundry.  hence why i've been such a post whore today!  :::heehee:::

    Scotty comes home tomorrow - he's been on the east coast for TEN days!  so brutal.  he was a GM in a wedding last weekend...and he's the BM in a wedding today!  needless to say, i cannot wait for him to get home! 
  • Work was rough today, it's just so dead that it feels worthless to be there not making any money, plus my coworker is so annoying, I can deal with her most times but for some reason today it was just really getting to me.
    I got to talk to the photog that's doing our engagement pics, I'm really excited cuz he's really good, and totally hooking us up. Now we just need more snow!
    It did start snowing yesterday so I can't complain about that...it was beautiful!
    More working tomorrow, hopefully better since that one girls has the day off.
    Hopefully also try to get ahold of my mom. They had to put one of their dogs down last week and I know it's been pretty hard.
    Overall not super productive, but oh well
  • In Response to Re: hows the weekend going?:
    Mostly homework and school projects all day.  Doing my "late night Knot catch up".  Started thinking about colors a bit, (still haven't picked out yet).....thinking about maybe NAVY.....what goes good with NAVY??  Maybe Navy & gold??  (Really like sunflowers).
    Posted by mariegra
    yellow totally works with navy.  but how do you feel about orange?  i LOVE the way this looks:

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