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hello knotties!

wow this board has DIED. let's try to liven things up!

what is everyone doing for Christmas?
what are you getting H?
what do you think he's getting you?

Re: hello knotties!

  • Hi! that's about as lively as I can get, because...we're not doing Christmas. We bought a new kitchen table & chairs a couple weeks ago (our present) and my daughter joined a sorority & her fees are due in Jan. (her present). But I am allowed to make people things, so I've been knitting, painting & cooking :)
  • aw :(
    can we see the table and chairs? that is still pretty exciting!

    what are you knitting? i've been knitting up a storm, i made a hat for H(to match a scarf i made him a couple years ago) and i made myself a mobius cowl(it's a cowl with a 1/2 twist in it, it has a special cast on). i really needed something as a break from all the hexagons i've been crocheting. they're such a PITA i'm not entirely sure i want to finish the freaking afghan.
  • Hi ladies!

    I got my husband a cordless drill with a flashlight and a handheld vacumn.  I know, not the most fun present ever, but it's what he wnated.  I also bought him a Snoopy water bottle from Tervis, which he doesn't know about and is probably going to love!

    I think he's getting me a Nook from Barnes and Noble.  We've been looking at them and he suddenly seemed to know a lot about them one day, so it seems as though he has been researching them.

    I'm glad you ladies can knit and crochet.  I'm not sure I have the patience to do that!  
    I may try to learn one day!  
  • Hi all! I miss you!

    We're doing Christmas morning at my sister's house. They have two kids, and just moved into their house, so I'm really excited to see the kids on Christmas morning!

    I got H a money clip (he's such an old man) and a video game (ok, so he's a 10 year old boy, too).

    H is getting me a Kindle (finally!), but he's also getting me something else that he's not telling me about. I have no idea what it is.

    You ladies should all PIP your crafty projects!

    I KNOW I've fallen off of MFP. I swear I'll be back soon.

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  • Hi all! We are just exchanging ornaments this year and getting night stands and lamps for the bedroom. Fun stuff. Between moving, not having second jobs and it being the holidays money is tight. We are getting a dyson from my parents. I am pretty excited about that. Mandi you will love love love your Kindle :) Awesome present!
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  • Holy crap this board is still here?! 

    I'm pretty sure hubby got me an Atari.  Woohoo!

    We'll be spending Christmas Eve at his parent's house and Christmas Day at his aunt's house.  I'm not looking forward to Christmas Day since the middle-aged people tend to drone on about the good old days whenever they all get together and it can get pretty dull.
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  • merry christmas ladies!! DH had to work 6p-6a Christmas eve and day, so we only had a few waking hours together, which we spent at his grandma's house where everyone was all over my baby. not ideal, but it was okay. we're going to my parents' house for dinner tonight, so that should be fun.

    i got H a Clay Matthews jersey, and clothes. (he doesn't buy boxers for himself even if they all have holes in them!)

    he gave me my big present a few weeks ago (super impatient man), I got pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. he also made me a video of all the pics we've ever taken together (made me cry!), and a coupon book that was hilarious. One coupon was for a bottle of wine, and it said "sex may result". haha

    hope you all are doing well! I miss you ladies!
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