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Blue/Purple/White Flowers in September

Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to the boards.  I've been logged onto this site for awhile, but this is my first post.  I'm planning on growing my own flowers for our September 17th wedding.  I've got a list of blue flowers that bloom in September in Michigan and have narrowed it down to the ones that make good cut flowers, but I'm having serious trouble coming up with blue, purple and white flowers as a group that bloom in September in Michigan, Make good cut flowers and that I can plant now and have bloom this year (as opposed to perennials I believe which apparently don't bloom until the following year?).  Does anyone have any good suggestions?

I like Hydrangeas for the BM's bouquets b/c quite frankly after looking at some plants at a greenhouse those actually looks like you could just cut off the bunches of them and tie a ribbon on them and wouldn't even have to piece anything together, lol.  They look like a ready-made bouquet to me.

For mine I was thinking white roses w/ some blue hydrangea and then I was going to splurge on the purchase of some blue orchids which are gorgeous and put like 4-6 of them in there as well?

My centerpieces aren't flowers, but I like he idea of having flowers around the reception a bit.

Has anyone else grown their own flowers or is a regular flower grower and perhaps knows what can be grown to bloom in September in Michigan that is blue, white or purple? 

Sorry I know I have a lot of questions.
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Re: Blue/Purple/White Flowers in September

  • Welcome!!

    Wow.  All I can say is that you have waaaay more patience than I do.  lol.  I'd rather buy bulk from Sam's club or a wholesale florist than worry that my flowers will bloom the right way in the right color.  Of course I also have a black thumb.  The only way I would do this is if you are a very avid gardener or know someone who lives close that is.

    One of my BMs is a huge gardener- and her mom even more so.  I do know from her that hydrangeas can be very finicky to grow.  Also, it's not as simple as planting a blue hydrangea and getting a blue hydrangea.  It has to do with the pH of the soil.   Here's a link:

    I personally almost think it might be cheaper/less stress just to buy them wholesale than to buy the fertilizer, soil, aluminum sulfate, pH strips, plants/seeds, etc.  All I can think of is them not blooming when I want them to, or not being the right color, or killing the entire plant altogether because I don't know what I'm doing.

    I think it's a great idea- I just would be too nervous to go through with it.  I can't tell if you're an avid gardener or not from your post.  If you are- go for it!  Check out blue delphiniums- we're using them in our flowers.  White mums can be very pretty too - we're using white and green mums in our centerpieces and green mums in the pomanders decorating our ceremony.  Goodluck!

  • Purple lisianthys is nice, (not sure if I spelled that correctly or not).

    Blue hydrangea, (as you already mentioned).  We're using blue corn flowers and dark blue delphenium, but not sure if those will match your other flowers, (roses).
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  • ....and I agree with Photogbride's post.....I think this is probably going to cost you more and be more risky than just buying the flowers, but if you REALLY want to do this, GREAT.  (Just be prepared with a back-up plan in case they don't grow well).
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  • Wow replies already!  I can't believe I haven't posted to these boards earlier.  honestly I didn't realize they existed, lol. 

    I'm not an avid gardener, but I did grow a bunch of flowers in our yard last year and quite a few bloomed in and through September.  I've checked out wholesale at costco and they're running like $300 for the minimal 3 bouquets, bouts, etc, which I think I can grow flowers for much cheaper than that in the long run (may cost me a bit more money, but I'll (hopefully) get a lot more flowers. 

    I'm okay with spending a bit more on growing them b/c it would be a bit more spread out and in that case I'd be using our regular money vs our budgeted money for the wedding if that makes sense at all.  :)

    I think I can grow them and I'm not too picky about what all I actually get out of them for September.  (aside from the Orchids which is why I'm buying them and not even going to attempt growing them they're way too much work!)

    The Hydrangeas I am hoping perhaps I can purchase an in bloom plant if not at a local greenhouse online and then just cut the bouquets for the BM's from it (if it's anything like what I saw last week at the greenhouse I was at it would be perfect) and then really as far as the growing flowers those are just whatever happens to work for me to grow and blooms at the appropriate time.

    I just wonder though if anyone is familia w/ growing flowers that bloom in September and are good cutting flowers?  I've compiled a list of some (White roses if their first bloom is late spring(I haven't planted any yet so I'll probably just buy a rose bush that hasn't quite bloomed yet and then plant it, haha. 

    I think that's part of what I'm having trouble with as well.  I'm unsure which ones I'll need to plant as seeds and which ones I should buy from a greenhouse already partially grown, etc. 

    Like PhotogBride said though it could be a lot of stress too, but I think if I just know which plants to buy and when to plant them etc.  I don't mind all the work once I've got the plants and am tending them.  :)

    I think the largest stressor for me is finding which ones work and in what stage I should buy them, haha.
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  • Yeah maybe I'm being to optimistic  Undecided

    I dunno...
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  • $100 each for three bridesmaid bouquets sounds a bit high....I think you can beat that price if you decide to buy instead of grow.  (We're using seasonal flowers too--no roses though--and the BM bouquets are only about $60 each).
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  • My BM bouquets are also $60 each, and I think my florist was a bit high on some of her prices (but I loved her and her vision so we went with her).  We're having hand tied bouquets, in my colors (blue, purple, green) using blue delphinium, green mums, roses, blue thistle, scabiosa pods, freesia, and white stock. They'll also be tied in ribbon to match the dresses.

    One idea to help you out is to go to a florist, have a meeting and get a quote.  In your meeting you can tell them you're looking for low-cost flowers, which will mean what's in bloom in September.  You can go back and research what it'd cost to get the flowers they suggest, and compare to the price they quoted you.  That way you'll have a price to compare from a local florist, as well as a list of flowers that are in bloom at that time in your area.
  • KOM11KOM11
    I think if you do some more researching online for bulk flowers you can get it ALOT less. I'm going through a florist and am getting mine all less than that. My bigges concern with growing the flowers would be when to cut them, how to keep them looking fresh throughout the ceremony and the reception.

    If you really want to grow them, I'd go to your local nursery and get some tips on what to grow, when to grow, what soil they need, when you should cut thema nd how you should preserve them.

    Good luck!!!
  • Thanks everyone.  You all have some really great ideas.  I think I will both meet with a florist and see how much the flowers that are in bloom in September would cost, check bulk online prices further and talk with someone at our local nursery to see what they think in regard to attempting to grow them myself.  Thanks so much for everyone's replies.  Smile
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  • If you're set on growing your own flowers I would check on your local board regarding flowers that bloom in your area around September. Also, check with local gardening stores. There are tons of people out there who will be able to help you with what to buy and caring for the plants so you get the results you want.

    I do want to say that I think you can probably do a lot better than $300 for those flowers. Hydrangeas are not very expensive and, like you mentioned, you don't need much to make a good sized bouquet. I would look around at different florists and see what kind of quotes you can get. My bouquet is going to have a lot of succulents in it (i.e. very expensive because they have to be hand-stemmed). It is going to cost me $120. My bridesmaids have ranunculus and garden roses, those are $60 each. Just something to consider. Seems to me you could probably get your bouquet for around the $70 mark depending on the flowers you're looking for.

    In any case, I think it's cool if you're up for the challenge of growing the flowers, but just keep in mind that there are lots of other options out there should you change your mind.

    P.S. Welcome to the boards! We'd love to hear more about what you have planned and see pictures of your dress!
  • Thanks Nhand!  Yeah after seeing what everyone thought I may make purchases of the main flowers and then whatever supplemental flowers I manage to grow that manage to bloom in September I can use for the reception.  I'm quite sure I'm just going to purchase the flowers and create the bouquets myself.  I've gotten how to creat the bouquet itself once I have the flowers down so I'm excited to do a mock up soon.  :)

    Oh yes I actually just picked out my dress at the beginning of this month.  I only have a couple pics and they don't look quite right b/c the dress I tried on was way too big on me, but it'll give you all an idea once I pull up the pics.  :)
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  • Just reading all of your replies and I wanted to add:

    My BM bouquets are also costing $60 a piece.  Definately shop around for a florist, go the bulk route, or grow them if that works out (would be fun).  I ended up emailing a few florists that I had heard of (ask on your local knot board too) the exact list of arrangements I needed (x bouquets, x boutineers, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, etc.).  Some of the florists wouldn't work within my budget, but the one that I am going with is coming in under my budget!!

    Also look at white alstroemeria flowers and blue delphinum flowers.  I don't know about purple...
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