All inclusive ideas for the non-drinker?

My FI doesn't drink. I drink wine, and occasionally on vacation a mixed drink or two. We are getting married in Aug, so that is Hurricane season in the Caribbean. We thought about a cruise. He has never gone on one, but I have a few times and I think the atmosphere is too much of a party for someone that is sober. (He is in recovery). We went to Kauai recently and rented a condo, that was perfect. But, we don't want Hawaii, and really like the all inclusive resorts. I saw one in Belize that was awesome, but above our budget. Mexico seems to be more reasonable. So, anyone have ideas for us? We want warm, we want beach, sand, and snorkeling, and even fishing would be great. We would like to avoid a huge party atmosphere. Somewhere like Belize that isn't affected by Hurricane season. But, like I said, I do drink and he is fine with that, just not the party atmosphere. TIA!
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