Contiki for Honeymoon?

Hi Everyone,

My fiancee and I are hoping to tour Europe for a couple weeks for our honeymoon in summer 2011 (I know....it's prime tourist season but it's the only time we can both go). We want to see a variety of places (Must Haves include Venice and Rome) and don't want to worry about having to drive/navigate, deal with hotels, etc. We were thinking about booking a tour through Contiki Tours but I've heard they are geared towards younger partiers. I'm wondering a few things:
#1) Is this true?
#2) Has anyone honeymooned or known someone who honeymooned by touring Europe via Contiki or another tour company?
#3) Are there other tour companies out there who offer the same types of tours?

Any advice, tips, or info would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Contiki for Honeymoon?

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    I went on a Contiki tour of Europe (European Discovery) about 5 years ago.  There were actually 2 honeymoon couples on our trip.  One couple kept to themselves for the most part and did their own thing- nobody minded.  Another couple were more party-type, social people so they hung out with the group for the most part.  Both seemed to have a great time, so I suppose it's what you want it to be.  There were people from 17 through 32 on the trip (I was 26 at the time).

    It is definitely a party atmosphere a lot of the time, but you also get a lot of free time to do whatever you want.  I had nights that I was worn out, so I'd go to my room and get to bed early (or wash clothes in the sink, read, etc), and it was really ok. 

    I think the major downsides I could see for a honeymoon is that it is not luxurious at all- most of the hotels are maybe 2 star kind of places.  Also, you get up early every day (6 am type early), and you spend a lot of time sitting on a bus (or sleeping). 

    Anyway, I was just passing through this board, so I'll try to remember to check back.  But if I don't. please feel free to PM me!
  • I did Contiki when I graduated from college, and while it's a great way to see Europe, I would not recommend it for a romantic trip.  Oftentimes it is 4 people to a room and as PP said, not luxurious accommodations.  Also, about 3/4 of the people on our tour got really sick because we are all breathing the same re-ciculating air.  While I had wished the FI was on the trip with me (I went with a girlfriend), I would not recommend it for a HM.
  • Ive been on a few Contiki trips, the main reason you go on them is to see places cheaply, meet people, have a gang to go out with.  There were married couples on ours and again, they would go out for a while then go home.  The trips are great comraderie in that way.  But you will have crappy rooms, bad included food, etc.- you get what you pay for.  My friend just did that trip as her honeymoon and while I teased her, she said it was great because they got the scoop every morning on the bus who hooked up with whom... they just stayed on in Italy alone for a few extra days.  If you are looking for another less expensive travel co. that has nicer rooms, food and not the partying vibe check out http://www.gate1travel.com/

    After a couple of Contiki trips my friends and I wanted more comforts and Gate 1 was great and reasonable...
  • PS The age range was anywhere from 18 to 38 on ours.  But I would say mostly mid-20's early 30's.  Is it romantic? No way, but you could make it romantic by going off on your own, etc. or adding on some days alone.  Its a tour you are up and out early, and if you stay up late drinking the bus is rough the next day. 
  • I have done 2 Contikis (Berlin to Budapest after grad school by myself) and European Magic (with my sister).  There were couples on both trips, and there was at least 1 honeymooning couple on each trip.  They were both "Superior" trips, so we stayed in hotels, but as PP said, they were mostly 2* hotels.  There will always be a party group on the tour, but no one looks down on you if you do your own thing or don't go out at night.  They are a nice budget travel option, but you do have to keep to a schedule, and you are on the bus a lot.  I am not sure I would be happy taking my honeymoon this way.
    I would contact a travel agent to have them put together a trip using rail or air between cities you wish to visit.  They can figure out the logistics for you.
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  • I forgot to mention that the average age for both of my tours was late 20's early 30's, but there will always be some younger travelers as well.   I think that the party reputation comes more from the budget and camping tours, where there tend to be more younger travelers.
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  • Thanks everyone! You have been really helpful!
    I'm really not a morning person...especially on vacation, so I don't think being on a strict schedule, especially one that involves a LOT of bus rides, would be right for my honeymoon.
    I think we are going to take some of your suggestions and work with a travel agent to set up a trip for us.

    Thanks a TON for your input. Hope you all ejoyed the long weekend...I don't know where you are, but if the weather was as beautiful as it was here (just outside of Toronto, Canada), then I'm sure you were able to have a good time!
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