Signing off..for my wedding!

I may be on tomorrow morning, but just in case I'm not, I wanted to sign off for the weekend!!

I have been on this board for 2.5 years now. I have made many acquaintances and many friends and have watched many women become wives. And all along, my day seemed so far away. It is a completely surreal feeling that is it actually here!!

Thank you to all of you ladies, past and present, for your inspiration and your support. My wedding would not be what it is without ideas and suggestions from this board. The CT ladies are a great group!! You let me be an AW when I wanted to be with all my DIY, and you listened to my vents. rants and raves. I wish you could all be there Saturday with me!!! I look forward to remaining on the board to see everyone else's big days!

Sorry this is so short, but my brain is about fried at this point!! I will be back Monday or Tuesday with a DH and hopefully with some photos to share. Check my FB- our BM has a blackberry and loves to post on FB lol

Thanks again ladies, and have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!!!

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Re: Signing off..for my wedding!

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