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Just wondering...
what do you LIKE and DISLIKE about bridal shows? SealedWink (I am planning on attending to my first one next year)

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  • I think it's a fun way to check out your options for vendors, although I ended up finding all of my vendors outside of the shows. Be VERY careful about giving out your information. I've been getting junk phone calls for a year now. If I had it to do again, I would have opened another email. I put my "junk" email for my contact info and it's still annoying.
  • Definitely definitely make a wedding only email address!!! I like the cake samples and raffles. Also I liked collecting lots of fabric bags and pens. It was nice seeing vendors but like pp I didn't book any at the shows. They're fun to go to with a friend or mom or sister to just enjoy:)
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  • I loveddddd going to bridal shows there were so much fun & I found some of my major vendors there! All the give always, cake tastings, bridal gowns etc. def a good time! Grab some family/friends! Cascades had their annual one coming up soon....
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  • Like PP said don't give out your real phone number / email. I was slammed with calls and emails and I used a separate gmail account with a google voice number. That being said I loved going to them. I found our photographer from one of the shows and she even had special bridal show pricing that she sent out after that was a great deal. I also loved getting the reusable bags. Great for grocery shopping. Enjoy!

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