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I would like to do something for both of our family members that have past.  I have seen that some people have a candle but I can't find any that I like.  What are you ladies doing to remember your loved ones on your special day? Feel free to attach some links because I can't find anything good.  TIA

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  • lawrajilawraji
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    We are not getting married in a chruch. In the past year my FI has lost quite a few amount of family memebers. I think it depends on who passes we put this in our program.

    "At this joyous time we wish to remember those family and friends who are not able to be here in person with us.  Also for those loved ones who have gone before, we will hold your memory close in our hearts today and always. "

    I didnt want to start listing names because i think it would have been pretty depressing.

    Recently though I was at a wedding and they had a candle going and an empty seat for the brides father who passed away recently.

    Also a friend of ours lost his 26 year old cousin and it was during a prayer they talked about him.

    Just my thoughts. hope it helped.
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    We're not getting married in a church, but we may just have a "moment" to remember them like PP (I agree, listing names may get depressing at a "joyous" occasion).  Definitely worded something along the lines like above PP
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  • kls114kls114
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    We are mentioning them in our program for mass & I am also thinking of making a memorial candle looking something like this...

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    I was also thinking about doing a memorial spot.. maybe a little poem with the names of the family members who are missing. My FI recently lost a cousin due to a tragic car accident soo I def want to have something as a memorial for him.
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  • jnu1117jnu1117
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    We had a memorial candle on the alter at the church and then at the reception. Around it we put pictures of those we lost. I printed it on velum paper, wrapped it around a plain glass vase, glued on some ribbon,and put a little tea light inside. Here is the verse that was on it and the name on the other side.

    We thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
    We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.
    We think of you in silence, we often speak your name.
    All we have are memories& a picture in a frame.
    Your memory is a keepsake, from which we'll never part.
    God has you in his arms, We have you in our hearts

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