Big Checks!

All RSVP's have been returned (we didn't have to call ANYONE!!), which means the seating chart is COMPLETE!! Wahooo!  Which means I can do the place cards (however, our computer that is attached to the printer died today in the middle of downloading the template for the place cards--we went out and bought a new one today and will have it tomorrow night-just a little snag!)

Today we went to Staples and printed our programs, got home and folded them and added the little bling, and they are DONE!  

Oh and we bought the baskets and all of the items that go in them for the bathrooms! 

AND, we have our marriage license!! :) We both took the day off on Friday and drove down to Portland to get it done!  20 days to go! Laughing
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Re: Big Checks!

  • kls114kls114
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    WOOOOOOT!!!! Congrats!! Those are BIG checks!!!
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  • Vanessa630Vanessa630
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    Great checks!!!!  (I'm so impressed that you didn't have to call anyone!!!)
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    Those are huge checks!! I bet that takes some pressure off the last couple of weeks and will let you relax a little!! and ditto PP's I can't believe you didn't have to call anyone! I hope the rest of us end up with that kind of luck when its our turn!
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  • megbrooks2011megbrooks2011
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    :) We were so impressed we didn't have to call anyone!! FI just wrapped all of his guy's gifts and a few of the girls!  He rocks! :)  Oh and we bought our guest book today! I want everything done so we can relax!!  I have my final fitting this coming Saturday!  Having a long engagements has some perks! (Getting things done with time to spare!!)  So psyched!  Thanks ladies!!
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