Just under a year to go till our budget wedding here in the quiet corner...

So far...we have a beautiful hall (under $500), a caterer (talented and reasonable), a cake maker (amazing), a photographer (a friend who takes beutiful pics) and a hair stylist for the bridal party (just 3 of us).  Still need...a DJ, a string group (more a want, than a need), flowers (thinking of doing my own), someone to do makeup.

What am I missing?  I have lots of time, but have never planned a wedding before.  I do think it would be fun to start a support group for bride planning.  Anyone in?  We could meet monthly, exchange ideas, and maybe pot luck and wine.   I wish I had more support, but alas I do not and I can't be the only one.  I'll volunteer my place in Windham for meetings (or at least the first one).  You can never have too many friends, right?
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Re: Just under a year to go till our budget wedding here in the quiet corner...

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    I would potentially be interested, however I would feel more comortable adding each other on facebook (whoever has it) before we do this...not that facebook is 100% secure but I would love to put faces to names! I live in Killngly, so Windham isn't too far for me...also...check out DJ Melee- cheap and apparently awesome- we loved him when we met with him!
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    That sounds find me, do a search covering Windham, CT because there are a lot of people on FB with my name (who knew...LOL).  My name is Briana Spencer.  TTYS!
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  • Hi Briana -

    I'm newly engaged and looking for a venue in the quiet corner.  I'm impressed that you found one for $500!!!!  Would you mind sharing the name of the venue?

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