November 2011 Weddings


Hi Girls!! My name is Ke-Ke and I am getting married on 11/12/2011..Surprisingly the day after 11/11/11. My FI and I didnt really notice the triple 11 but now I see that it is going to be a VERY popular date!! We picked that date cause it is before thanksgiving (our family loves the holiday) and after Halloween (didnt want it to close to that holiday). Our colors are Chocolate and Burnt Orange...I love the fact that we have a lot of time to save and get things in order. No need to rush into it!! OUr budget is around $8,000 (a little tight, but were making it work) I'm gonna try and be a DIY bride so that maybe I can splurge in the dress area ;) Congrats to you all, happy planning and I hope to make new friends here!!!

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