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November 2011 Weddings

Planning already?

I know it's over two years away but I was wondering if anyone else is planning already? I'm getting married 11/11/11 so I know it will be a popular day and it's probably good to start looking at venues and making a decision sooner rather than later. Have you started doing any of your planning yet?
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Re: Planning already?

  • I definitely understand I would love to make it happen sooner but I dont think it's going to happen financially. Plus we have this association with the number 11 so 11/11/11 just seems to make sense. I definitely have ideas as to what I want I just dont know how early to start "getting serious" about the planning, like putting deposits down and such.
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  • I've started planning too... and it is a lil fustrating to be planning far ahead. seems like i just want time to speed up. I have found both of the ceremony and reception venues, and want to book them a soon as possible... but i don't know what reactions i'll get for booking so far ahead....then again.. 11.11.11 is going to be an extremely popular date and i don't want to wait too long and loose my dream venues.I decided that i will go to each of my venues in january 2010 and try to put down payments on them. Don't be scared to plan now and start making phone calls to coordinarors and venues.Better safe than sorry.
  • i guess this sort of doesnt apply for me. my first date was 10/10/10. which is right aroundthe corner. so everything was pretty much done for me. now my FI and his family sent me for a loop on this 11/11/11 mix up. so i threw them for a loop also and changed the colors up.. A LITTLE> but we have the basic idea all set in stone. from the cake, place, colors, favors, EVERYTHING/all we need is the dress and a place and we are done, so I have agreed to only do stuff once every 2 months. he and I will get off the same day once every 2 months for the next year and dedicate the entire day to wedding stuff.I am in a way happy that it is so far away and i have so much stuff already sorted out, cuz now i am going to be stress free.im here for YOU ladies :)
  • Yes. That is also my tenative date and my mother in law thinks I am crazy! I have pointed out the recent examples of her middle child and one of her adopted children and the mess they either have or currently going through! They both planned their weddings in a month or less and I am just floored about how awful they went. I rather have this entire time... versus feeling under pressure and having no time. They think I am turning into a bridezilla... no. I just do not like feeling not prepared.
  • lol...i feel the same way as you^^^
  • 11/11/11 wedding here! I made sure to book my venue first and foremost. Otherwise, I haven't done much. I've organized a list of songs I would like at the reception, decided on a color palate, know the general type of dress that I want, and know what I'll be doing for favors. My Maid of Honor/BFF, her mother, my mother, and I are all planning a trip to New York for next year to look for dresses for all three of us! I like having all of the extra time. I'm 21 and graduating college is my real top priority, but I want to personalize everything about my wedding. ...Though the date can't come soon enough! We've been dating for nearly 4 years (nothing compared to a lot of people, I know) BUT a friend of mine just got married last week, and she and her FI hardly dated for a year. I'm trying my best to be patient and look on the bright side of having so much time!
  • I am so afraid of not getting what I want because of the date. But at the same time I feel kind of silly looking at places and then telling them I'm not getting married for another two years. I am just so excited I wish I could fast forward time.
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  • I totally agree I'm so sick of just looking at stuff b/c if i buy anything now i don't know what i might change my mind about in the future... i am glad though that i'm starting to plan b/c one of my roomates is getting married about a month before me...
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  • i'm also an 11/11/11 bride!  we knew the date would be popular as well, so we booked our venue ASAP.  well, actually, we booked the church.  the reception venue won't talk to us until 18 months prior, so we're ready to knock on their door the minute they open in may.  :) we've already chosen our colors, and as far as everything else goes, we have narrowed down our choices.  i don't want to do anything too soon, so i have saved the invitations i like on myweddingpaperdivas, and i've selected the 5 bakeries i want to taste from.  that sort of thing.  it feels very much like we're at a standstill...we know what we want, but the "official" selections have yet to be made.  because, as has already been pointed out, i don't want to spend a lot now only to change my mind later!   i'm so happy to meet other 11/11/11 brides!
  • We've started planning too, and we're looking at November 12, 2011.
  • i am an 11-11-11 bride also and i dont think anytime is too early.  Every venue i looked at said they are booking 2011 just as much as 2010.  with the economy and everything they all said they are planned to have 2011 a soild booked year.  I already booked the venue and i was the first so i got all these free things added and the best deal ever since they didnt change the prices for 11-11-11 yet.  Also i got to be first pick for everything.  trust me two years in advance has only its positives and if someone thinks your crazy then dont book with them..also you lock into 2009 prices oh and one tip i found is that if they are not willing to give you a deal because 11-11-11 is a popular date DONT go with them...i found many places give me the same deal that is on every friday and others say no because its a popular date..i just walked away. 

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  • How I see it is we have a lot of time to plan and so therefor will most likley have things done and planned. We wont stress as much as brides that have to plan in a matter of months. We will all be well prepared!!! 
  • I've started planning as well, I want to book my venue ASAP, but my mom wants me to wait til next year to hold a venue (yeah, right). She's hoping I change my mind about the location of the wedding (Nashville, where FIand I met) by then... but she's sadly mistaken. I pay, I pick! My date is also Nov.5, 2011. 
  • oh, we're running into so many "opinions" about what we should do.  but like you said, tjcarter87, we pay, we pick!  :)  i LOVE that.  

    we have our venues for the ceremony and reception, and we're actually nearly done with planning already.  it's good to be prepared!
  • I'm a 11/11/11 bride & can't wait. I'm getting flack from my own family saying that the date is too far away. We actually got engaged 12/5/09 & I wasn't in a rush to pick a date, I just wanted to relish the moment of being engaged, sounds silly right. 

    As a mature bride (hate that frigging word, I'm 42) I've decided that since I waited this long to find my true love I can wait to have the wedding. Frankly, I'm am not one of those women who dreamed of a their wedding & I would rather elope but SO wants a wedding so there you go.

    We've picked the location & reserved it & will be putting a deposit down in June, bridal party has been picked, wedding web site created, registered, have a paster (getting married at location, another bone of contention with my mother), have photographer (friend), picked flowers, have wedding song "Welcome to my World" by Dean Martin, have DJ. I think that's about it. I've picked out some dresses I like & will go shopping around Thanksgiving (when they have the best sales). The honeymoon is a gift from my future father-in-law to any where in the world but I'm leaning towards an elk hunt & staying in a snow covered cabin in the woods, lol.

    We've picked out everything & all we have to do know is pay for it, lol.
  • I am so new to this website.  Trying to catch up on all these postings for this discussion board but I just have to say it's so exciting to see other 11/11/11 brides!  That's my date.  Feels so far away but everyone keeps telling me it'll be here before I know it!

    Good luck to all of you with your planning!  :-)
    .:* 11~11~11 *:.
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