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November 2011 Weddings

Any concerns?

So November is kind of an odd month to get married.  I think I read somewhere that only 6% of weddings occur in November.  Do any of you have any concerns about getting married in November?

For instance, I live in New England and there's always that chance of snow.  Well, even in May there's always a chance of snow.  :) Another concern is that it might be too dark outside to have my pictures taken outside.  I don't regret my choice of wedding months, but these little concerns are popping up.  Plus, my venue gave me a discount because very few couples get married in November.  I was even their first booked November wedding for 2011.

Anybody else have any concerns with having chosen November?

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Re: Any concerns?

  • none at all, im really happy we picked november.  it might snow and hopefully no one will get stuck and we cant go on honey moon straight away as its too close to xmas to take lots of leave, but im not really worried.
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  • im from new england too, new hampshire though but almost all of our family & friends couldn't come throughout the typical spring-summer wedding months so our options were from november-march.. I think November could turn out to be really nice for a wedding, if we don't get a crazy northeaster or something! You can definitely get pictures taken outside even if it's dark so don't let that put you down and just think of all the awesome discounts for offseason :)
  • I'm also in Boston and I'm thrilled that we're getting married in November.  FI and I do NOT handle the hot weather well, November (our wedding date, actually) is our anniversary, and I'd much rather have photos in the snow than with pollen in the air.

    As for the photos, we're doing first look before our 4:00pm ceremony, so there should be enough light.  Also, we're getting married at our church which has really a really cool gothic cloister, so light or lack thereof will make for some great photos.

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  • I chose 11.11.11 because if the price! The Friday and November made it so much cheaper!

    I live in Michigan so I am semi worried about snow, especially because our wedding is taking place in NORTHERN NORTHERN MI! But who knows maybe it will still be 60 degrees outside! 

    And addressing the pictures, we are doing ours in the afternoon so we won't have that problem. Our ceremony will start at 5 and I didn't want guest driving 4 hours to the wedding to be there for a 30 min ceremony and then have to wait while we take tons of pictures. So we are doing ours before so we have plenty of time! :]
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  • At first I was slightly concerned because we'll be getting married a week before my birthday, a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, and FI was born ON Christmas. That's a lot of holidays all together! However, I got over that pretty quickly.

    I originally wanted September or October for an outdoor wedding. However, my venue was booked up until November. I was worried about it being too cold for an outdoor wedding and I was going back and forth on seeing how it would be, etc to choose if it would be in or out. However, I think I've just decided to do it inside. It'll still be beautiful and the venue is large enough to do the ceremony inside with the reception already set up.

    As far as pictures go, I think we'll probably plan to do most if not all of the pics before the ceremony. I'm going to talk with the photographer on what he thinks is best since he's been to this venue a lot. If you have any type of concerns like this, I would definitely talk with your photographer and see what they think. Honestly, depending on what mine says will determine the time the wedding starts.
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    Plus, since it's not a very popular month things might be cheaper and vendors are less quick to book up. :)

    And for the snow thing, there is one poster on E or SB that posts a lot that has BEAUTIFUL pictures because there was a big snow storm the day before. I think it made for a beautiful background.
  • Birdie, when is your birthday?  Mine is the 16th.

    We don't really have any concerns about the time.  I think it's a beautiful time of year and it works financially and in terms of traveling.  We're able to have a Saturday reception for half of what we would pay for other times of the year (even Friday/Sunday dates). 
  • FI and I picked November because the fall is our favorite season and in S. Calif, the weather is still nice. We are planning to take all our pictures before the ceremony so we won't have to deal with it being dark (we are on 11-5-11 the day before daylight savings ends :)). So far I have not had any of my potential vendors give lower pricing due to a November wedding, but that's California :) Our date is during the holiday season but not too close to Thanksgiving. I'm so excited!
  • We decided to do First Look pics.  I was opposed to having them when my photographer first mentioned it because I'm kinda old fashioned like, but I hired her specifically for amazing outdoor shots.  So, I changed my mind.  My FI, FFIL, and FI's co-workers plow snow for a living, so that's where the snow concern comes from.  I know FI and FFIL will show up for sure, but I don't want other's to not show.  Watch, it will be a balmy 60 degree day! Laughing

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    D-Day is 11.5.11

    128 invited 102 Party People 23 Party Poopers 3 Wishy Washies
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  • I have no concerns at all.  I love november because of the crisp cool fall air.  I live in chicago so it can snow anytime here too.  The leaves may be gone by then too but really i dont care too much.  I dont think I am doing any outdoor pictures except for a couple so if its dark oh well.  I am planning on doing trash the dress the next day so those pictures will be outdoors! 
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  • I'm the 14th! Like I said, at first I was a little hesistant to do it so close to my birthday because I'm kind of weird and still get all excited for my bday. However, I realized that my birthday will be on a Monday and I get the day off at my current work place, so I could possibly get an extra day to recover after the honeymoon! :)
  • My only concern is that in Georgia, the weather can change in a heartbeat. Some years it's warm in November, sometimes it's freezing. Or raining. We never know. I really love my outdoor venue-- I have to admit I'll be disappointed if we have to bring it inside. :(
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  • I'm very happy with the fact that we chose November. I did have quite a few concerns at first though.

    We are getting married the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11-26-2011) and I thought that could go one of two ways. Either it would be very difficult for all my guests and a lot of them may not come because they have Thanksgiving plans else where, or my guests would appreciate it because they could combine their Thanksgiving travels and the wedding travels into one trip. So far everyone has really liked the day and said it would be easier for them having it right after Thanksgiving. So that was a relief. My other concern was people that are still in school. Two of my bridesmaids and the maid-of-honor are still in school, but they said it would be no problem for them.

    So now I'm completely happy with a November wedding....I just have to figure out all the details.
  • Well originally we chose another location with the same company. I live in the bay area so rain is a possiblilty. However they already have a back up plan if it does rain. But at the other location the Gazebo was up the road from the reception hall and that would have been a mess in bad weather. Also that location was almost 6000. My event coordinator scheduled our wedding for the sunset with pictures in mind. Which she has experience with. So if we start on time all will be well. Hopefully with good planning and a cooperative wedding party all will go smooth
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