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Where are you all honeymooning?

I see a lot of 11/5/11's on this message board! We're getting married that day as well. I think we've definitely decided on honeymooning at Disney World. We were set on that from the beginning, but then changed our minds for a cruise, and then decided when we went to Disney this year that it would suit us so much more. Plus the Christmas decorations will just be going up.

Where are you all spending your autumn honeymoons?

Re: Where are you all honeymooning?

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  • On the beautiful island Antigua, we are staying at sugar ridge boutique hotel. I can't wait!!
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  • Me and my fiance can't decide. Originally we wanted to go to Disney World too, since neither of us have been. Then we decided a cruise to the Caribbean would be nice. Then we thought why not do the Disney World cruise and spend a couple days at Disney World and a couple days on a cruise. Then our friends pointed out that there would probably be a lot of little kids on the cruise and it would most likely be geared more towards them. So now we're back to just thinking a regular cruise. I don't know. Do you guys think the cruise would be too overrun with kids to be fun?

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  • I've read that the few weeks right before Thanksgiving are good to travel if you want to stay away from kids because they are all waiting until Thanksgiving break. However, if you go on a Disney cruise there will be tons of kids no matter what. I've heard Royal Carribean is best to be kid free because they have kid free pools, etc. Carnival might as well now, but both Carnival cruises that I've been on had no kid-free areas.

    We're still going back and forth on doing a cruise or not. If you go that route, I would look at possible dates before you get your heart set on it. I checked and it seems that most cruises depart on a Saturday or Sunday. You would ideally want to be in town the night before so you can just get up and board, so the cruise would need to leave on a Monday for you to really feel comfortable with not being late. We're having a hard time finding a cruise that has the length/destinations that we want and will depart on Monday.
  • Those are really good suggestions! I haven't thought about that little pice of information about having to board the cruise, and getting there on time. Those are definitely things we'll have to look into. Thank you!

    That's good to know that Royal Caribean has kid free zones. I don't really think I would be bothered by kids being on the cruise, but I wouldn't want to be on a cruise that's just kids, if you know what I mean.

    Thank you again Birdie!
  • Disney Cruise Lines have TONS of kids-free areas, especially if you're thinking of going on the Disney Dream ship.

    My fiance and I had pretty much those exact plans, go on a Disney Cruise then spend a few days in Disney World.  But the dates of the cruise launches and returns just didn't work out.  (Our date is 11/19/11 so our honeymoon is over Thanksgiving.)  So FI and I have decided to live it up on a week-long Disney World stay, then go on the cruise for what would have been our original wedding date (May 18, 2012).

    Disclaimer:  I have been to Disney World 10 times and FI has been 4, so one week really is living it up for us, haha.  Most people would need a couple of weeks to truly experience everything in the parks.
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