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November 2011 Weddings

What to do about rehearsal dinner?

Okay, we are currently planning not to have a rehearsal dinner, not even the night before the wedding. Due to the fact that 5 members of the bridal party (3 being kids) live on LI they are not going to make it to NJ at a decent hr on a Thursday night. We were thinking of having a rehearsal luncheon the weekend before but then we run into the issue of the groom's family who currently live in PA & FL& who are going to the wedding on 11/11/11 but I don't know if they want to spend the extra days visiting us before the wedding, lol.

I just don't know what to do, it's not like we actually need a rehearsal since we're not getting married in a church so basically we all just need to know how to walk down a aisle.

So I'm asking is it okay not to have a rehearsal dinner but have a day after wedding luncheon for the families & bridal party guests?

Re: What to do about rehearsal dinner?

  • Of course! If a rehearsal dinner doesn't work for you, then a luncheon the next day is fine. We are doing both! it is going to be a weekend of parties! 
  • I agree. It's totally fine if you don't have a rehersal dinner. I think it's just what ever works best for you guys and your situtation. You can make your wedding as unique as you want, you don't have to follow any particular rules. Plus if you have a luncheon the day after the wedding, you can use some of the same decorations from your reception to spruce up the luncheon. A lady was telling me that for her daughters wedding they used balloons and silk flowers as center pieces for her reception and the mother of the bride just took them home with her after the wedding. Then the next day she brought them to the country club where they had the after wedding luncheon, and it just kept the wedding feelings going. I thought that was a great idea.
  • Thanks guys, I guess I'm just looking for agreement from others before I tell my mother of our plans - she doesn't deal with people doing things differently from others. Case in point, she didn't talk to me for a few days when I told her we weren't being married in a church & that an RC priest wasn't marrying us, lol. She's over it now.
  • I am having a welcome party for the OOT guests along with a quick rehearsal and a Farwell brunch on Sunday. That's the reason that I've changed our wedding day from 11-11-11 to 11-12-11. It sucks but better having our family and friends than a cool date and not them all!!!
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