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450 Days! 11.11.11

Only 450 days! 
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Re: 450 Days! 11.11.11

  • So exciting!!  I know time is going to fly!
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    yay!  seems so close now!  (although i have friends who have become engaged long after i did and will be married long before!)

    i really have to say, i've enjoyed the extra time to plan.  everything seems less rushed and frantic!
  • We have the same wedding date...and time is really flying by!!!!
  • I just cannot believe it. When I think about how the time flew this year, I am blown away by the fact that in just a little over a year, I'll be someone's wife...

    So will all of you!!!!
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    In Response to 450 Days! 11.11.11:
    Only 450 days! 
    Posted by sarajenae13
    I have that wedding date too! How far are you along in planning? I never know where I'm supposed to be since it's ...well, 11.11.11. lol I have time, but I don't-- what about you? Or anyone, really?
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  • omg...this is also my wed d8!!! I have a few checks becuz i were gonna get hitched a lil over 3 yrs I had planners then, but not sure if i want or need them at this point when i can just use the ideas i had b4 for now, right? idk...i still feel so disorganized, confused and I have no venue!!! I feel this is where i need to start...have you gotten urs? How far along are you in your planning?  UGH
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    My wedding date also. Sometimes, I have NO IDEA where Im supposed to be.....Im still kind of shocked at the whole thing, but Im really glad I get the time to plan instead of rush. I think time is going to FLY!!!! Im really blessed though, and SO very excited to spend the rest of my life with him. <3
  • It's mine too!

    I have the church, reception, and photographer!

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  • I picked this date too! even though i had no idea that it was 11.11.11 until someone else  pointed it out. duh Surprised we picked it because we wanted everyone to be there and a good friend of ours will get back from deployment a couple weeks before. And it's veterans day so all of our military friends will be off of work. we're also getting married in new orleans, so it couldn't be saturday because there is a home LSU game!
    so far we picked the church, reception place, dress,jewelry and shoes (still have to order those, but know which ones i want) and photographer. i'm going to get the wedding insurance real soon and i think i've narrowed down the band and bridesmaid dresses. oh and i found the invitations i was just waiting to confirm the dates and get our deposits in to order the save the dates. Time is fllying by already.
  • AHHH Im so excited. I am going to do a 10 second countdown til 11:11pm, and everybody is going to throw confetti and blow their little horns and what not! Its going to be an absolute fabulous night! Congrats to you all!
  • New 11.11.11 bride too. We have almost nothing done yet! I feel like a slacker lol.
    We have narrowed down the venue to 2 choices and are looking for a chruch but AHHH so much to do.

    Lots of 11.11.11 brides :)

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