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November 2011 Weddings

How did you pick your date?

Hello everyone!!! I just got engaged 4 days ago and I'm sooooo excited! I really would like a November wedding, but I am stressing a little about the pictures because all of the trees will be dead. Does anyone have any good pictures I could look at to see if November is really what I want? How did you know what month was the right one for you?

Thanks for your help! I realllllllllllllly appreciate it!

Re: How did you pick your date?

  • It'll depend where you are getting married. We are getting married in Northern Michigan, we may have pretty leaves, or possibly 4 feet of snow! Where are you wanting to get married? 
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  • I wanted a fall wedding.  In particular, I wanted an October wedding.  I found my venue and went over the available dates with the coordinator.  October was booking up fast and then she mentioned that the meals were cheaper in November.  It made the decision a lot easier.  We chose 11.5.11, so it's early in the month and will less likely have that naked tree look.  My biggest concern was that it would be too dark for outdoor photos after our evening ceremony.  So we've decided to go against tradition and have our formals taken before the ceremony,  First look photos are becoming the new thing these days anyway.

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  • I'm in NEPA so around then everything is almost completely bare.  Michigan sounds so nice.
  • Oh...and first look photos are very pretty, but we're super traditional and won't be seeing each other once we part from the rehersal dinner.
  • Congratulations!!! I got engaged on August 7th and we are planning the wedding for 11-11-11. We still are browsing for places and our first idea was a Destination Wedding in the Caribbean or Florida. Now we are thinking about to get married here in DC-MD area and go for a honeymoon in South America or Europe. We picked this date because it's the best date that can accommodate both our families in attending our wedding. 
  • I picked November because it's always hot and humid in Florida, except for the fall and winter months.  We were going to do April, but figured it was a little too soon so skip the yucky summer and what do we get? Beautiful month of Nomember in South Florida!!  Sorry I can't help you with the trees and stuff up north, cause the trees never change here (pretty boring huh??)
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    We picked our date for a ton of reasons (long travel weekend, my parents' anniversary, good prices, I love fall, etc), but I was worried about the daylight, as well.  Our ceremony is at 2:30, so we should have plenty of light left outside (fingers crossed).

    As far as the bare trees, I love fall foliage, both on trees and on the ground.  I don't think the trees will be bare--I have pics from Thanksgiving where there are leaves and pics where there aren't.  I think it just depends on the year.  Also, I think some trees are beautiful without leaves.

    Here are some pics found online.

    ETA: Congrats!
  • npasquale16  those pics you found are amazing! I love fall, very romantic!!
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  • Oh thank you everyone!!!! I am feeling a bit more confident about choosing the Fall. I just was so worried, and I know pictures are a tiny detail, but I want to remember this day forever. Your help is so appreciated, THANK YOU! <3
  • I really wanted an October wedding, but my venue was completely booked until October 29, so we picked 11/5/11. I didn't really want a wedding two days before Halloween and I love November. It's my birth month and football season is in full swing!!
  • we were tentatively planning for october 15th, because we wanted a fall wedding.  and then my sister in law suggested "11/11/11" because their uncle had wed on "7/7/7".  once we heard it was on a friday, we jumped.  it's a long holiday weekend, but it's not one of the huge major big deal holiday weekends, like the fourth of july or thanksgiving.  fridays are cheaper than saturdays, and it's in the fall.  perfect!
  • I knew I wanted fall or spring since those are my favorite times of year here in Florida. I'm graduating in the spring and didn't want to "take away" from that so I chose fall. Our dating anniversary happens to be 11/1, so I chose the closest Saturday to that (11/5). I never even thought about the tree thing, because our trees are boring and don't change color or shed and there is sadly no chance of snow down here. I suppose if you were really worried about it, you could either use an indoor venue or wrap the trees up with a string of lights or something romantic and pretty like that.
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  • i wouldnt worry about the trees, a godo photographer will be able to still make it lok artistic, and if you tell them your concerns they may come up with some ideas.

    i originally wanted a december wedding, as i love the cosy feel of a winter wedding with all the log fires, xmas decorations, warm food and drinks and high spirits everyone is in. it would have worked out more expensive though so we chose the last weekend in november.  Im now really happy that im a november bride.
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  • We live in New Orleans so Summer weddings are just too hot. Springs weddings too. We met in the Fall, and Ive just kinda always pictured us getting married in the Fall. Plus November 19th is our Anniversary. We'll have been together 7 years when we say I do.
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  • We are getting married on 11/11/11.  The date was part of my Fiance's proposal. 
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  • We are getting married on 11.11.11. 11:11 has always been this number that I notice everywhere. I even have 11:11 tattooed on my hip. I found the date to be very fitting.
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