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Christmas Wedding Colors

Hey Ladies!  first of all...congrats to EVERYONE!  I just got enaged about 3 weeks ago and we're doing the wedding this december 17th (2011).  I am sooo excited but so much to do!  I am having such a hard time picking colors!  Does anyone have any ideas?

Our church has burgandy carpet, and I want to take advantage of the red poinsettas already in the church..but don't have to!  I am debating about silver dresses with red but i'de be so cautious to be too much red/green combo...white and dresses with red and white flowers...or gold...i need help!!

Oh and what is everybodys take on long or short bridesmaid dresses??

Thanks girls!

Re: Christmas Wedding Colors

  • We're doing red, silver, and white.  I'm not sure what color carpet the church has(I could look in my signature, but I'm lazy) and I don't remember what color the carpet was in the church my sister got married in, so don't feel like the church carpet limits you.  We picked our colors based on what color my bridesmaids felt like they wanted to wear and then we added a complimentary accent color.

    I'm a fan of short bridesmaids gowns, but they don't look good on everyone, or at every time of day. 
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  • We're doing red and gold, the only green is in the evergreen garlands.  I was worried about too much red and green so we are trying to minimize the green but still have the really rich, warm colors.  We're going with long bridesmaid dresses because my girls wanted long.  I liked white/blue/silver but liked the warmer colors better.
  • The only real definite color I've stuck to is a bright green, which is my favorite color. I think I'll try to have other accents stick to white, black, or silver.

    My MOH's dress is short - like to the knee. It's a dress she already owned that I love and matches my color scheme so it just worked out that way. Otherwise I think I would have let her decide if she wanted long or short. It's just her, so there's no BMs to match dresses to, so that made it easy.
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  • Congrats on your recent engagement and welcome to the boards!!  Our colors are not holiday colors at all.  They are pink, black, and white.  You don't have to limit yourself to red or green, but those colors are so pretty in December. :)  My BM's are wearing long, black dresses.  I gave them the option of short versus long and that's what they picked (which surprised me).  

    Good luck to you during your planning.  Looking forward to seeing you on the boards.  Our month board is wonderful and the ladies are very kind and supportive. :)

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  • We're using red, gold, and ivory as an accent :) The church also has burgandy carpet and red poinsettias everywhere. There will be some green with the Christmas tree and garlands.
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  • We are doing red, white and black as an accent. My girls are wearing long dresses but short would have been okay with me too!  Everything seems overwhelming at first but it definitely starts falling in to place pretty quickly.
  • Congrats and welcome!! I love the red/gold/silver combo at Christmas time. I think silver or "charcoal" colored dresses would be great. It's a color that goes with everything and I feel that it would definitely be a "wear-again" dress color. I also prefer the shorter BM dresses - definitely less formal. Good luck with everything and again, welcome!
  • Hi! I'm also December 17. We don't really have "colors" per se - the only thing that is a color is the bridesmaids' dresses, and they chose a dark cranberry. Other than that, it's a classic white wedding (though the flowers will have evergreen mixed in). The bridesmaids are wearing long dresses - it was my only requirement. We're having a very formal, evening wedding, and I personally thought short dresses would look out of place.
  • Congrats on getting engaged and welcome to the boards! My wedding is mostly white. I wanted just white and gold, but couldn't find a bridesmaid dress in gold that I liked so they will be wearing a really deep red. Im not using much red anywhere else though. My bridesmaids dresses are long, I thought it was most appropriate for a winter evening wedding!
  • Thanks for all the help.  Wow I can't wait to see pics of everyones wedding!!  I was thinking charcoal went be great and easy to accent, but we had a lot of trouble finding a dress in the right color.  I'm thinking we're going to try a white top and black bottom dress with red flowers.  It actually accents really nice.  The white part will end right below the chest.  I'm having trouble finding a dress like this though!  Any suggestions?
  • In Response to Re: Christmas Wedding Colors:
    Thanks for all the help.  Wow I can't wait to see pics of everyones wedding!!  I was thinking charcoal went be great and easy to accent, but we had a lot of trouble finding a dress in the right color.  I'm thinking we're going to try a white top and black bottom dress with red flowers.  It actually accents really nice.  The white part will end right below the chest.  I'm having trouble finding a dress like this though!  Any suggestions?
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    I love that idea!  Our colors are black and white, no accent colors.  I originally thought of using charcoal as well.

    Have you looked at Jasmine bridesmaid dresses, or After Six/the Dessy group website?  Or David's Bridal?  I know I saw 2 dresses in that color scheme/style at a local bridal store, but I know that won't help you, LOL.  Good luck!
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  • Welcome to the board and congrats!

    Our colors are red, brown and ivory. We didn't really limit ourselves because of the color of the carpet though... I just knew the church would already be decorated and figured I'd work off of that.
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  • We are also doing white/gold with some cranberry/burgundy accents.  I am trying to avoid greenery as much as possible.  The hotel will be decorated for Christmas and I don't want to over-do it.  But I think we are doing white poinsettias (which have green leaves) as centerpieces so I'm not completely cutting it out.  We are also doing cranberry sashes for the chairs and our wedding party will be in a matching shirt with a gold tie (we are each having our brother as our "best man").  The rest will be white/gold.

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  • Welcome to the boards and congrats!! I'm a December 17th Bride too! Smile Our color scheme is a little fallish... We are doing a dark burgundy/claret & dark copper/broze with light jade/sage & cream accents. Our wedding has a rustic feel and will be held in a barn so our BM/MOH dresses will be short and probably in the dark burgundy/claret color.
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  • sounds like our december 17th wedding will be very similar to PP's.  our colors are a deep purple (BM dresses are "lapis" from davids bridal), sage, copper, and brown.  the reception is in a barn but the ceremony will be outside so i thought long dresses were appropriate for the season (also much more flattering for some body types).

    i wanted to stay away from "christmas colors" but i liked the idea of keeping in touch with the seaon.  we went for "Texas winter" colors which are somewhat muted brown and sage, and the deep purple and the bit of shimmer i want to have throughout makes me have visions of sugarplums :)

  • Hi :) Congrats on your engagement! We got engaged 23rd December last, and we're getting married 23rd December coming.... We're going for Burgundy with ivory for our colour scheme...  especially since it's an eve of Christmas Eve wedding... I originally wanted red in my dress too, but to be honest my sister is getting married 3 month before me and she's getting red in her dress too... so i don't want to argue with her, so I'm going for red accents in my jewelry and hair accessories....
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  • I'm like a few others here- a darker red (apple at Davids Bridal) and gold for my colors .  Unfortunately so far the red is dominating more than I like in the wedding party... but we will see.  As far as the question on the white top and black bottom dress- there is a store called White House Black Market that I've seen people get bridesmaid dresses from.

    And on the length- I was trying to be democratic and let the bridesmaids choose as much as possible, and they all wanted long. 
  • We're going with Navy and silver.
    BM dresses will be navy, except for the MOH, hers will be silver.
    We're also having a Christmas tree at the reception for the guests to place the gifts under.
    On the tree there will be jingle bell ornaments (that I'm currently making) that the guests will take and ring when they want us to kiss.
    = )
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