December 2011 Weddings

December Outdoor Wedding Attire

Hey ladies! Just out of curiousity, is anyone else crazy like me and going to have an outdoor wedding in December? (I live in GA) I'm expecting the weather to be in the 70s for the ceremony (covered, but still outside) and the 50s-60s (inside with barn doors open) for the reception. I've seen a lot of inspiration related to warmer outdoor weddings, but does anyone know of a good website I can get inspiration for the attire for a cooler outdoor wedding?

Should I get a strapless dress and buy a bolero or should I just get a dress with lace sleeves? What do I do about the Maid of Honor? I think that a long dress is too formal for our type of wedding. Would a short dress with tights and boots work? For the men I really want them in light gray suits. Would that look too summery for a winter wedding?

I'd love to hear your opinions!
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