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Barn for Spring Rustic Wedding

I am looking for a nice barn for a spring rustic wedding. So far in Florida, I have only found Cross Creek Ranch (http://www.crosscreekranchfl.com/index.htm) and Wadsworth Ranch (http://www.wadsworthranch.com/). I like the feel of the Cross Creek Ranch much more than the Wadsworth. I have contacted both places for more information, but I would love to have more options in Florida. All the other places I have found are in Georgia and North Carolina. I am open to a wedding anywhere in Florida, Georgria, South Carolina, or North Carolina, but since I live in Orlando a wedding in Florida would be much easier. If you know of a place, please post the link and let me know if you had any experience with them (service, catering, cost, etc.).

Also, if you have had a wedding or experience (service, catering, cost, etc.) with either Cross Creek Ranch or Wadsworth Ranch, I would love to hear about it. THANKS!!

Re: Barn for Spring Rustic Wedding

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    You should definitely go check out Lange Farm in Dade City! I have been to 2 weddings there and it is a GREAT  venue, GREAT property with lots of space! There is also a place just outside of Jacksonville...but I can't think of the name right now. If I do, I'll come back and post it.  Good luck!
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    Westgate River Ranch is REALLY cool! http://www.wgriverranch.com/weddings.htm There's also a hotel on site for your guests which is pretty neat. 
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    I am getting married at a place called Birdsong barn. It is in Titusville. SHe has a facebook and also a website. The barn looks like Crosscreek above.

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