We decided!!! (www.homeaway.com...legit?)

We are a 9/10/11 couple.
When we realized hurricane season might put a damper on our Caribbean honeymoon plans, we started to brainstorm other ideas. We've decided to rent a villa in Greece for a week or two.
I'm so excited! It's less than $1500 a week for this gorgeous 3 bedroom place that has its own beach, pool, outdoor shower, adorable outdoor lights, a hammock, etc.

The one we really want is listed on www.homeaway.com and I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a trusted site. Everything I can find on it seems legitimate, but it'd be nice to hear from someone else directly.

I'm so excited!!! We're normally more of an adventuresome couple, but we decided for our honeymoon we really just want to relax. I love swimming and getting some sun, and my fiance is hoping we'll just walk around naked the whole time since it's so private (men...right?). We're going to bring books and music and movies and buy some food on our way...And relax in paradiseeee :)

Re: We decided!!! (www.homeaway.com...legit?)

  • Thanks, ladies! This makes me feel a ton better. I'm so excited! Yeah, I have a pretty open job and my fiance works at a plant nursery and his dad's seed company, both of which are pleasantly lenient, thankfully.
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