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Vendor Review - Greater Palm Bay Senior Center

 Greater Palm Bay Senior Center
Rental Information:

We rented out the Main Hall section only but they allowed us to use the Annex room  for getting changed  ( they also have a separte bathroom so no guest could see us).

We rented the space from 2pm-8pm and only paid about $700 . They allow you to come in for 3 hours  ( whatever 3 hours you choose ) to set up the venue.   Vendors can come in whenever as long as you inform the center of time so they can have someone there.

 They set the chairs/tables/ stage however you want it. They come in super early and do it .  They ask you to give them  a drawing.  They provide  teh tables and chairs - no extra charge.

 They have a stage area they said they could move if we wanted it somewhere else . But we had it on the opposite side of the Annex room.  Our Dj set up up there.

 hen we set chairs up ohn the dance floor area for the ceremony and had the chairs set up in rows in the back .

 The Cons:

1)They just changed management in Jan so it took them a little bit to get everything settled.
2) They didnt have a diagram for the floor plan when I first rented the place. Well the new   guy ended up making one . So they have them now. But  we had to change  the tables arrangement last minute but it all worked out and they said it would never happen again.
3)  Get everything in writing . They forget somethings  But were fine with  what I wanted . I just had to remind them .
4) The floors were dirty . I would make sure that they are clean day of.   Thats the only complaint I truly have .

 But other than that they were very very helpful and willing to do what we asked.

   We had 140 seats at the ceremony   section and 140 in the  tables  but we could fit more at the tables if we wanted.  They can fit alot more then that there.

So all in all . I think its worth it for the price. If you ahve anymore questions I will be  happy to answer

Re: Vendor Review - Greater Palm Bay Senior Center

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