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I need some advice when getting my nails down for my wedding. I typically have my nails done pink and white done every month. However, when I look at other people's photos their nails look so much better than my typical pink and white. 

Can anyone tell me what you know they are getting to make them look so nice?

Thanks for your help Smile

Re: Nail Recommendations

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    My nails suck, but I hate acrylics (all that grinding!) so I ended up using Broadway glue-on nails ($5 at Target) - they worked GREAT!  Everybody thought they were my nails, not acrylics, and they stayed put all day (I put them on that morning).  Once I get some pictures back I can send them to you. 

    I've also heard that the gel stuff works well, but again my nails were too crappy to do that. :-(

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    Well at this point I feel like I have to do some type of acrylics because i've worn them for so long that my nails too are terrible. 

    So i don't know if what you used would work for me, or would it? 

    More importantly are they hard to put on?
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    You probably just need to try a new nail tech.  I recently moved to Maryland and I literally went to 7 different salons before I found someone who was good and did them the way I liked.  Switch it up a bit and find someone new!
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    If you have acrylics the glue-on nails probably wouldn't work, but to answer your question they were super easy to put on - I even filed them down some to make them less long (and I used the "sport" length!).

    Ditto on pp - maybe you should find a new nail tech?
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    I had the gel nails done... but I had to have them redone because the first salon didn't use the right gel. The correct kind does not chip (pronounced shel-lac). They really were great, I didn't have to worry about them at all though the reception and the honeymoon. I did a typical french, but they have like 29 colors (or something like that) that you can choose from, no polish is used on them, the gel is made in that color. It goes over your real nails, so you don't have to get tips or acrylics.
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