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Guy on the bride's side

Can I have my brother on my side in the wedding party?

Re: Guy on the bride's side

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    I very much doubt it.... I think everyone will be weirded out by it (sorry) why isnt he going on the grooms side i know it took a lot of convincing to get my cousin (whom is like my brother) on the grooms side bc he said the guys represent him and i said no the wedding party represents us not jsut you its OUR wedding not your YOURS or MINE. i have his sister in it. I wouldnt think that thats acceptable what your asking... in a REAL greek wedding in greece they dont even have a bridal party. just koumbari & flower girls. once we came to the united states they incorporated the bridal party. so you added a guy to the girls side would have everyone talking and not in a good way.

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    I say do it!  Ask the priest first to make sure its ok with him, but I don't know why it wouldn't be.  I am not Greek but am marrying in the GO church, I have found out it doesn't hurt to ask the priest ANYTHING! If its not allowed, they will say no, if its something that needs to be looked into, it can probably be done!
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    I've seen it both ways. I'm more of a traditionalist, so I'm for guys on the groom's side, bridesmaids on the bride's.
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    Thank you ladies! I am not greek and will be converting. I have never been to a greek orthodox wedding, so I am not familiar with the traditions and standards, yet. I really want my brother to stand up for me. FI will have 3-4 groomsmen already and since I had our son, a lot of my gfs and I aren't as close. I will ask the priest and the worst he can say is no.
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