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Has anyone bought their wedding dress off ebay from China???


I've been looking on ebay at wedding dresses and found oodles of cheap cheap beautiful dresses from China that are custom made....I was just wondering if anyone has gone down this road and if you have what was your experience? Are the dresses well made? Were you happy? etc.

Re: Has anyone bought their wedding dress off ebay from China???

  • I haven't yet, but am planning on ordering my dress from Light-In-The-Box.com and it is a-made-to-measure from China. I read many previews from brides that loved their dresses from that site. I can't wait to see if folks here have tried it, and to read what they think. I put in my order in 3 weeks!
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    I did and I love my dress!

    However, there are vendors that are less than scrupulous, so be careful:

    1.  Look for vendors that have lots of dress sales AND a very high rating.

    2.  Give yourself plenty of time for a Plan B in case you dont like the dress.

    3.  Protect yourself - Ebay and Paypal cannot help you if your sale/payment was more than 45 days from when you make a claim.  Request that your dress be delivered within 30 days so that you have some recourse to get your money back if there's an issue.
  • A few days ago someone on the attire and accessories board was talking about her direct from China dress and she posted a picture. It was beautiful! If you're looking on eBay, check the feedback, they should have a few thousand. Anything less than a thousand I'd stay away from. Also, click on the item for a few feedbacks to make sure they are indeed dresses. You don't want to order from someone where it's their first try at making a dress!
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  • I ordered my dress from www.bestfordress.com. It  came within 2 weeks (I had it shipped to my parents house so I have not seen it yet-only 3 days til I do).  My mum says it's beautiful and the details are great. 
    Honestly i was uber nervous.  I had to pay through western union so I had no way of getting $$ back if it didn't come.  I only paid $252.00 with shipping and exchange.  It was a risk but worth it.
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  • I ordered mine from China on ebay and I love it! I got a great deal and it fits perfectly, great material and bead work!
  • I bought mine from inweddingdress.com  and I LOVE it!  It's exactly what I wanted.  I was so afraid it was going to look cheap, but it looks fantastic.  I was also afraid it would be damaged during shipping, since they basically just stuff it in a giant envelope, but it arrived safe and sound and just lovely!
  • I ordered from DHGATE,COM and I absolutely love love love love love my dress! ITs gorgeous!
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    I ordered a BM dress from www.buybridesmaiddresses.com and, while it was a knock-off, it was well made and fit perfectly.
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  • i got mine from landy bridal, love it. U can e mail me if u want to see pix of me in it. sfonkoua@hotmail.com
  • I have seen 2 wedding gowns from Ebay and both were beautiful and you would never know that's where they got them or what they paid (about $100 each). I didn't end up buying my dress online, but I did order our bridesmaid dresses off Ebay, from a place in China. I got them the other day and they are BEAUTIFUL! And they fit perfectly! Love it! I would definately order that way again if it came to it. But, like the others have said, definately check the reviews for the seller.
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