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2K Wedding Budget

Hi all. Need help!


We've decided to have a wedding but it's going to be small & intimate. 35 guests max. I've found a local park that we can rent for the day. We'll have an outdoor ceremony & indoor reception. 

 I don't have a clue where to start for cheap decorations, chairs, etc. 

I would appreciate any & all help.

The only thing I've settled on are my colors, my dress, & the wedding cupcakes. 

My Fiancé found 2 friends to do the pictures & food.

Re: 2K Wedding Budget

  • i say look at dollar tree, party city for decorations :) vistaprint for invites or michaels for ones on clearance :)
  • If you have your wedding at a non-meal time (2:00 or 8:00) then you don't have to have a full meal - just cake and punch and maybe a veggie & fruit tray. But if you have it at any time that would cross into a meal time, you need to serve a full meal. Look into local italian or mexican restaurants - they can typically give you trays of pasta and whatnot for pretty cheap. 

    You can also make a lot of decorations yourself. Google it and stick around the DIY board. I'm making pomander balls out of coffee filters and watercolors. 

    Post on your local board for places for chairs and other rentals - this is an international board and most of us are not familiar with your area.

    Good luck and please stick around!! :)
  • Check out Michaels?? They always put out coupons in the Sunday paper and have sales. They have wedding stuff- worth the look?? :-)

    Your wedding sounds like my budget for our vow renewal!!! Also! Check out the local Goodwill for wedding planning/ideas books! I got a book just recently on how to plan a wedding for under 5k for $1.50!
  • Skip things like favors and one use items- cake cutting untinsels and toasting flutes aren't needed. Have your reception during a non-meal time.

    Guests remember how they are treated (not given dinner during dinner time, cash bars) but don't care about things like centerpieces or china vs. heavy plastic plates.

    I'd just like to add- who exactly is planning on doing the food? Unless it's during a non-meal time, you're asking a lot of the friends to cook a whole dinner and what about food safety? I would not have friends do it, it won't be fun for them.

  • What are your colors?  Smile  In addition to the suggestions in PP, check out Oriental Trading Company for inexpensive decor options.

    One of the greatest tools for me in planning (with a 3K budget and ~75 guests) was sitting down with my FI and figuring out our priorities.  These will be different for every couples, but decide together what the three to five most important elements of the celebration (tangible or intangible) are for you.  For one couple it might be photography, gourmet food, and a DJ ... for someone else, it might be having all their family and friends attend, a casual atmosphere and a wedding video ... you get the idea.  These couples will allot their budgets very differently.  The first couple would probably have a smaller guest list to accomodate the price-per-plate; the second couple might have a local BBQ restaurant deliver prepared food and hire area college students to serve, or arrange a clambake and hotdog roast on the beach.

    Once you know what your priorities are, measure any decision against them.  It doesn't make decisions easy, necessarily, especially when working with a tight budget, but it does help.
  • I think sometimes people focus too much on the little things. Get a few vases from the Dollar Tree and put a couple of candles in them and you are done. Very nice and look gorgeous but extremely cheap.

    Sometimes appetizer heavy receptions are more expensive then actual meals. Make sure you price every option out. Check with local restaurants because many times their catering is cheaper then actual 'caterers'.


  • www.123print.com for the invites. I got 200 invites/envelopes, rsvp/envelopes and reception cards for $150. And yes, look at Dollar Tree and Party City for sure.
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  • Oh my Oh my. Thank you all for the advice. Since this post I've found my Wedding invite kit on ebay for under $15. I'm planning to order, LED Candes, vases & color beads from the Dollar tree store. Hitting up Party City for table clothes, flatware, & hanging decorations Smile

    My colors are Kelly Green, black, & white. Since the park has a picnic area we will have grilled chicken & finger foods. Found a local rental place (OxonHill Rentals) that rent chairs for 1.35 & tables for $7

    This is getting better everyday. Thank you everyone.
  • My budget is 2k also. Venue (Free) Food and beverages (self catering) Cake and grooms cake from Publix Plates, cups, and cutlery from SAMs Club I found my decorations at hobby lobby and michaels. They both have coupons in Sunday paper and apps with coupons. I found all my vases at value village $.60-$.80 a piece My mom paid for my dress and my girls dresses. I found a photographer on Craigslist. 1hr of photo time, online viewing, CD with edited images and photo release. $100
  • Hi, I suggest you the JenJenHosue to buy the dresses and other accessories. The price is sooo competitive. Now, they are holding an activity on Facebook where there will be a big surprise. you could take this chance and have a look. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/141111119389779/

  • I had to share. Found this on Ebay. I'm doing vases as my centerpiece & floating pearls will match my colors. Everything all together totals under $60. I'll have 12 vases & I'll place labels on them for immediate family & Bridal party to take home Smile

  • In Response to Re: 2K Wedding Budget:
    I had to share. Found this on Ebay. I'm doing vases as my centerpiece & floating pearls will match my colors. Everything all together totals under $60. I'll have 12 vases & I'll place labels on them for immediate family & Bridal party to take home  
    Posted by Neicey122
    Very pretty!  Also check out the DIY section on www.weddingbee.com Lots of do it yourself wedding ideas there.
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