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wedding contests

I'm in desperate need of financial help for my wedding, or ideas on how to go ultimate budget without being "cheap". Anyone know of any wedding contests I can enter??

Re: wedding contests

  • Save up and plan the wedding you can afford.  Everyone here has had a fantastic wedding on a budget without entering contests.
  • Ditto on the previous poster - trying to win free money won't make you any happier, than waiting for your magical wedding day.  There is a lot of legalities, and catch-22s.

    Do you have a budget that you are currently working towards?  Do you need help looking for items that are DIY, or places that may offer cheaper items?

    Have you booked your venue and officiant yet?
  • Plan ahead and save.
    If you are planning to marry in CA, there are parks and recs departments  that may offer low cost venues. Price appetizer stations for dinner or lunch vs a formal sit-down...etc. Lots of ideas on these boards, you just need to take time to search for them.
  • A lot of these wedding contests come with LOADS of strings.  They don't just give you $10K to play with, you have to use all of their vendors and pretty much just let them plan the entire thing and take what you get.  And there's a ton of competition, so you don't really want to be pinning all of your wedding plans on having enough strangers click your picture.

    Take a look through some of the posts on this board, there are loads of good ideas of how people saved money.  Take a look at your guest list and figure out how many people you absolutely must invite, sit down with your FI and figure out what elements of your wedding are non-negotiable, and look at your finances and figure out how much you can save per month toward the wedding.  That will give you a basis for making the rest of the plans.
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  • Would you say, "I can't afford to buy any food so I'm going to buy a lottery ticket and hope I win?" No. At least I hope not. 

    And why are you "desperately" in need of financial help for your wedding? I mean, no one here will tell you they had their wedding handed to them on a silver platter. Real life just doesn't work like that. Figure out what you can save and how long it will take you to get there. Make a savings plan and stick to it. I've never been great at saving money, but my wedding is important enough that I'm willing to stop going to Starbucks and bring PB&J sandwiches to work for a year. If you're desperate to have a wedding, you'll make the sacrifices you need to make to have it.

    It comes down to one thing, that FI and I decided before we even got engaged:
    If you're adult enough to get married, you're adult enough to pay for a wedding. We would have been engaged long before we were if we knew that we could handle it, both financially and emotionally. 

    Trust me, paying for your wedding is a blessing in disguise. Its a test of and a testament to your relationship. You and your FI get to problem solve, share ideas and inspiration, delve deeper into each others' values, make sacrifices and compromises together, and work as a team toward a common goal. Paying for a wedding is a challenge, but it is well worth it for so many reasons.

    Don't be discouraged by the initial notion that "weddings are sooooooooo expensive." And don't pay attention to the "average wedding cost" hype. Do the research. Put in the work. If you really really care and really really want it for the RIGHT reasons, you'll make it work. 

    Don't bother with the BS contests. I'd rather have the experience I've had planning and working towards my wedding than any contest prize any day. (Okay, maybe not the powerball, but you get my drift.) You can do it, honey. Trust me, if I can save, anyone can. 

    Laughing Sorry for the long post. I drank too much coffee at work.
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  • In Response to Re: wedding contests:

     Sorry for the long post. I drank too much coffee at work.
    Posted by jamjar11
    Not Starbucks, I hope!Laughing
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  • In Response to Re: wedding contests:
    In Response to Re: wedding contests : Not Starbucks, I hope!
    Posted by Sing2phins
    Haha! Nope! I bought a coffee maker for work for $3 so I wouldn't have to go to Starbucks. 
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