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Ceremony and Reception in same location?

Has anyone had their reception and ceremony in the same place? Did it make things easier? We are thinking of renting a ballroom and having the ceremony and reception in it. 

Re: Ceremony and Reception in same location?

  • I'm not married yet... but we are having our ceremony at my church and the reception at the church hall (same building, different room).  I think it will be convenient for the guests since most are from out of town and having just one location cuts down on the amount of driving they have to do.  Also, I'm getting married in February in CT so no one will be trying to make it from ceremony to reception in snow or ice.
  • not married yet, but also having my ceremony and reception in the same location. in fact, the ceremony spot is about 30 feet from the edge of the tables. I may as well have everyone sit at the tables and watch the ceremony, it's that close. it's very convenient for me so far since I'm only worrying about one venue owner and one address/delivery location. I only have to worry about one map and one set of directions. very nice. and as a guest of weddings past, I've always preferred when the ceremony and reception were in the same location.

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  • We're doing the ceremony and reception in a large hotel suite in Vegas.  It's saving a crapton of money.
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  • Just got married last week, we had everything at one place. I have to say, I couldn't have been happier with how much easier it made everything.

    The ceremony started at 5:30, we kept the ceremony extremely simple, and I don't think it was more than 20 minutes long. The people exited the ceremony and went into another room for cocktail hour. During cocktail hour, we did the formal family, bridal party pics, and then took the ones of just DH and I (We didn't see each other before the ceremony). Our photog was incredibly efficient, so even DH and I got to attend cocktail hour.

    While we were doing photos and the cocktail hour was going on, the room our ceremony was in (Which had been set up with rows of chairs for the ceremony) was set up for the reception.

    We didn't have to worry about working around 2 different places schedules, transportation between them or dealing with everybody else traveling from one to the other. We just showed up at one place and had a wedding. It was great, I couldn't have asked for a better set-up that day.

    DH and I both come from families where having a church ceremony is pretty much expected. A lot of our family gave us flack for deciding against doing this when we first started planning.
    However, the night of the wedding, everybody raved about how well-executed the whole thing was ... and it also didn't hurt that in our January weather, they were all thrilled that once they got out of the car they were in one place all settled for the rest of the night.

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  • were doing our ceremony and reception at the same place. Were doing it at an inn. Ceremony is outside and reception is inside
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  • We're having our ceremony and reception in the same room; its a huge loft. Because the space is so big, we'll be having the ceremony to one side, moving everyone to the back for cocktails/appetizers, and while people are mingling/drinking the venue staff will be "flipping" the room for us (rearranging chairs/adding tables).

    I loved the idea because then all of our OOT don't have to worry about navigating downtown KC! They're just here and done! Plus, we don't have to rent a limo/car in between to take us anywhere. My family also appreciates the idea as well.

    Oh, and we also save on decor. Only one room to decorate! ;D

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  • We are having our ceremony and reception in the same location.  Like someone said earlier, we have a lot of out of town guests and I would rather not confuse them by making them drive around Las Vegas.  The ceremony will be outside and everyone will just go into the resort for the reception. 

    I've also attended a wedding and reception in the same place and loved it.  It was really nice just having to walk down a hallway to get to the reception versus driving around trying to find a second location.  What they did was have the ceremony in one room, cocktails in another, then back to first room for dancing (like what pridee discribed).  It was great.
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  • I've seen planty of weddings that way, and I'm pretty sure my fiance and I will do it the same way. It not only cuts down on money, but hassle as well. A lot of places can separate the smpaces too or have it in two different rooms of the same place.
  • Yes, our ceremony/reception is all one. We are doing it on a boat so we will just gather everyone at the bow for the ceremony and they can go on thier way with the cruise after the ceremony. (the boat takes about 45 minutes to get to the location of the actual ceremony so we will be relaxing and partying with the guests before and after the ceremony)
  • Update~ we found a venue that has an outdoor patio for the ceremony and a hall inside for the reception. That is a relief because we wont have to flip the room, although we will be moving all of the chairs. 
    I think it will be such a convienence to have both the ceremony and reception in the same place, ecspecially so that we can have pictures onsite and be able to go right into the cocktail hour withougt having to travel.
    Thanks for all the replies ladies!
  • We are having two different locations however; I've been to three weddings where the ceremony and reception are in the same place.  Two turned out very well, it was very convenient.  One was kinda unorganized as the guest didn't know where to go or what to do as they were setting the hall up from the ceremony.

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