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Budget and DIY Weddings


I am thinking of pulling my wedding with a wowing budget of $5000 my dress and shoes and jewelry hair and make up.

please share your experiences with budgets less than $10,000


  • Those are all great ideas. They will keep you under 5000. My budget is 1000 and I'm using many of them.
  • The number of people on your guest list will be the key. You could potentially do an amazing evening/dinner wedding for $5000 for 50 or less guests. Anything over that, you risk really having to skimp on food and drinks.

    If you have over 50 guests coming, I would highly suggest the PP suggestion of considering a wedding during a non-meal time. For example, Ceremony at 1:30 and reception immediately following until 4:00-4:30. You can serve cake and light refreshments.
  • So far I'm on track with a $5000 budget for 175 people but I'm a year out and who knows? Vistaprint invites, rsvp's, maps, thank you's. 2 dresses (can't decide) from a vintage shop. Wedding & reception at a public park with a small cottage less than 50 feet from the 2 sites we will reserve. A local restaurant will deliver and set up the main course, we will do appetizers, drinks, salads and deserts. We will hire 3 food helpers. Paper plates, plastic utensils & cups, diy cloth napkins will be re used, taken as favors or sold. Diy simple flowers in painted jars, dollar store paper lanterns decorated with flowers, may reuse or sell. Ipod with hired button presser/announcer. Bouquet, bouts, corsages from our local store, some DIY, some premade. 2 photographer friends to take pics, DIY photobooth -thank you vistaprint goddess! So far we're at about $4000, on paper, we'll see what happens next.
  • My budget is around $8,000.  Here is something I am going to try.  I don't know if it will work.  I am going to a real estate agent to help me rent a warehouse space or open space that I can rent for the day. This way I can have a blank slate for decorating.  I hope to find a space with a kitchen space if possible. I have found a few on my own on line with people open to renting for a day but I really want a kitchen space to hold the food.  My budget for the space is $1,000 for the whole day if I can get more money I will also rent the space the day before to set everything up.   I am planning to section off part of the space for the cocktail hour. I also found a 3,600 square foot fire hall that is open and a barn that I can do my own decorations (no tape) that are reasonably priced and have kitchen facilities and I can bring in my own food  and drinks.  I am using Costco or Sam's Club for flowers. Dollar store vases and candles to decorate the tables.  I am making my own invitations and table cards.    I am renting a bar and hiring a bartender not serving top shelf liquor and wine from Trader Joes is $3.99 a bottle.  I am going back and forth between just purchasing 3 bottles for each table or just serving Joe's or boxed wine at the bar.  I am also having a table with a self serve lemonade stand.  I am also advertising for servers for my buffet style meal and clean afterwards.  There are sites for professional servers as well.  One of the servers hired will supervise the crew (I will pay this person more money).  I am paying 5 servers $120.00 each and the supervisor $200.00.  The serving emphasis on helping serve out the portions at the buffet and put rolls out, cake and serve drinks water, tea, coffee, etc. and then clean up.  Then I am going to rent or borrow the tables, chairs and plates and silver ware.  I am going to purchase 20 rotisserie chickens for 4.99(going to cut up and serve) and go to a farmer or wholesaler for a side of beef, and ham.  I have hired two people to help cook the beef, ham and sides and man the kitchen.  I will make two large salads, two vegetables, two starches (rice or potatoes), rolls with butter.  Mock wedding cake then serve sheet cake.  My family took 4,000 pictures including six really good videos (they put up stationary cameras to record at the church and reception.)  at my brothers wedding then combined them all on a thumb drive.  I am going to Walmart to their photography center where you can do designs around the photos.  I am torn about the DJ or using the Ipod.  Also still looking into renting a dance floor.  I also have a wedding team made up of family and friends to help me out with making favors, oot bags, invitations, decorations, etc.  I am also researching more cost saving ideas.
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