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Budget and DIY Weddings

Need help for a very SMALL, cheap church wedding!

Hi everyone, 

   I have been trying to plan an October wedding, and I'm having a hard time with the cost of everything! I was planning a dress, a cake, a church wedding, and a dinner for about 20 people, and I'm already up to over $3,000! 
     I thought I could do a 'budget wedding' by cutting out the DJ, music, and any flowers or decorations, but everything is still so expensive! My fiance and I are paying for it ourselves, and since we didn't live together first, we also have to fill an entire house with stuff (everything from furniture to silverware to shower curtains and trash cans). The more I try to plan this wedding, the more I find myself thinking I'd rather take that 3 grand and put it toward furnishing and decorating our new place!
     Our county and the neighboring county no longer do courthouse weddings due to budget cutbacks, so I am trying to figure out how to do a really cheap church wedding. 
     Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!! I am having a hard time figuring out how I can invite just our immediate family to a church wedding. Would I still wear a dress? Would it look stupid to have a church with only 10 people? Would we have to do the reception/dinner aftewards? The dinner is one of the more expensive aspects (around $750 for 20 people, around 350-400 for 10 ppl). 
     I thought about totally cutting out the reception, just having a ceremony, and then inviting everyone to an informal housewarming party with cake. I guess the part I'm struggling with the most is how to go about the ceremony. And what I would wear!! Sorry if this is too rambly; I just wanted to provide enough background info. Thanks ladies!! :)
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